Brian C Jensen

Growing stress resulting from modern lifestyles is a major health concern as studies reveal that Americans are experiencing stress like never before. The picture is no different in other parts of the world as people embrace a hectic lifestyle that often becomes difficult to balance and creates enormous mental stress. The ambition to achieve more is increasing expectations so much that it often becomes impossible to meet the goal, which is far from realistic, observes Brian C Jensen. The disappointment of failure is driving people towards depression and affecting their overall wellness and wellbeing.

Added to this is the extensive use of technology and gadgets, and the ways we interact with these when relating to the world around us is creating a psychological impact. As a result, many people find it difficult to maintain meaningful relations with people in their lives.

The need of the hour is to prioritize mental health, and here are some mental health activities that you should practice to relieve stress and stay composed so that you can take complete control of your life.

Practice deep breathing, advises Brian C Jensen

That stress leads to anxiety and depression is only one of the dangers well known to all, but in addition, stress damages our physical health by weakening the immune system, which can make you fall sick more frequently. As stress is unavoidable, a better way is to deal with it effectively to keep it under control. The simplest exercise that you can practice every day as many times you can is deep breathing. Slowly inhale air through your nose until you feel that your lungs are full and hold it for about 4 seconds before exhaling it slowly through your mouth.  Repeat the process 10-15 times to complete a set. Each time complete the cycle of 3-5sets.  Deep breathing helps to rein in your worrying thoughts and make you feel connected to your body, and promoting a sense of serenity.


Follow a routine of exercise daily and practice aerobics that provides fun and enjoyment besides maintaining the desired level of physical activities. You will feel happy after the sessions because exercise helps to elevate mood by reducing stress. The link between physical exercise and mental health is well established, and exercising daily has long-lasting effects on your body and mind. You will have a good sleep, feel light and happy due to lowering stress that improves mood, have more energy and stamina with increased mental alertness, and enjoy better cardiovascular health while controlling high blood pressure. In addition, you will stay slim and trim, always raring to go.


Structured reading or bibliotherapy is effective in relieving mental stress. When you read a piece of article, your mind wanders away from the stressful environment, and you are at peace with yourself as you sink into a different world while enjoying the narrative. It effectively calms your mind and redirects your thoughts towards positivity that helps the body relax and you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Reading works of fiction is especially beneficial for stress relief as you get involved with the characters that trigger your emotions and improves your understanding of life and social interactions.