Brian C Jensen

How you think, behave and feel in daily life is a reflection of your mental health. Your mental health helps you to overcome challenges, cope with stress, build a relationship and make a comeback when life throws you put from the tracks. The zest for living reflects the mental health that gives you the courage to overcome the odds and emerge, winner, believes Brian C Jensen.

Stress build-up is quite normal due to the kind of lives we lead as we are dependent on gadgets that govern our lives.  Fast-paced lives that we all love are highly stressful, leading to depression and anxiety that affect our emotions and wellbeing. Imbibing positivity into our minds is the best way to overcome stress and ensure sound mental health.

Brian C Jensen tells about the Signs of mentally healthy people

 Those who demonstrate a zest for living and can have fun and laugh while showing a sense of contentment are people who are in the right frame of mind. A mentally healthy person is highly self-confident and capable of dealing with stress only to bounce back from any setback they face effectively. Such people lead well-balanced lives by deftly switching between work and play, activity and rest. They are good at building and maintaining relationships with meaning and purpose and ready to accept and adapt to change while learning new things. They have high self-esteem and are ready to take life as it comes.

Avoid short cuts

All of us experience low at different times, making us suffer from emotional problems that affect our mental health.  Although mental health problems are common, we seldom try to address the issues in the right way to once again enjoy lifelike another person with a sound mind. To boost our mental health, it is vital to listen to the emotional messages that help identify what is going wrong to prepare to encounter it correctly.  Trying to evade the problem by ignoring the emotional signals causes more harm. Instead, people fall back upon unhelpful coping strategieslike drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking self-destructive drugs.

Boosting your mental health

Here are some ways to boost your mental health

Stay connected – Maintaining social connections and physical interaction with people is the best way to get out from your mental and emotional problems.  By nature, humans love to mix with other people whose emotional and positive response heals the emotional wounds faster.

Stay active – Since the mind and body have close links, looking after your physical health by exercising daily or maintaining a certain level of physical activities will automatically boost your mental health. This is because physical activities release endorphins in the brain, adding a feel-good factor by elevating the mood.

Practice mindfulness – Practice mindfulness by doing something that appeals to your senses, like smelling your favorite perfume or listening to your favorite song. Understand what kind of things gives you a sense of fulfillment that makes you forget the stress.

Eat healthy to build a healthy body that can house a healthy mind.