I have been thinking about long messages, and how throughout the last years, we no longer wrote them. Indeed, our messages have started to get shorter and shorter, even the letters are minimized and the words are contracted to a letter and a number. Such sudden thoughts make you wonder what is actually wrong with us.  Are we in so much hurry that we no longer have time to write full words? Is the shortness of our messages is an indication of the shortness of our temper as well? Is the contraction of our words is a sign of the narrowing of our perspective? Is the reduced length of our messages reflects the shrinking of our patience in dealing with the Other?

People are no longer writing full words, or full sentences. Hence, they are no longer writing full ideas or feelings. As a result, miscommunication and misunderstanding occur. Consequently, alienation suggests itself. It is a strong word and a shattering conclusion, unfortunately. However, it is so comical how in a moment of clearness you can look at everything as interlinked and you start to see the rapport. Then you will notice that the turmoil we are living in is self-made. We are like the man who sets his house on fire and watched it burn slowly and carelessly, yet crying and blaming the firefighters for coming a bit late. At some point, we have to stop and re-evaluate our lives. Shamelessly,  point our fingers to the guilty one (us) instead of blaming the whole. At this point, I am not saying society, circumstances and outside pressure do not play a major role, all I am saying is that we are blowing at the flame yet smiling when the fire stares back. We are , indeed, smiling at our own destruction. We are the ones responsible for every rupture between us and other people. Consider the following, if it is so much effort and waste of time to write a full word and a full sentence. Then, how about writing about and conveying full feelings, full engagements, full promises, full dreams, and full beliefs. It is all related either we admitted that or childishly ignored it. One day, we will realize that communication is standing on the other side of the bridge from us. Simply then, we will learn what it meant to write full words and to connect with full sentences.