“Without Technology humanity has no future, but we have to be careful that we don’t become so mechanized that we lose our Human feelings.”- Dalai Lama

My understanding of technology has always been minimal. I would say I still make decisions on which equipment to buy if I have seen someone I trust use it. Its not because I like copying, its just that it makes me feel safe. I can trust humans more easily than trusting a new device.

Having said that, last 2 years I have ended up having more spare time in my life than ever. Moved to a new country, staring over, no job, new neighborhood, I think that summarizes all.

I am a kind of a person who doesn’t even change a ringtone or wallpaper since I got the new phone. Answering calls, messaging, social media and camera are the only functions used by me. Don’t even bother asking me – latest software or any questions on those lines.

I met my first love (who is now my husband) 18 years ago, in India. Let alone landline phones, the fact is that because of his touring due to work for months, we have survived on letters or that one phone call made using Satellite phone. We did not have the luxury of having a long-distance relationship using skype or facetime. I know what it feels like when you have no idea which part of the world your love is and how he is surviving. I know in true sense what it means to miss someone. In last 18 years I have seen technology change every second and we have been upgrading every moment.

Let me be honest, this may blow your mind – but the first one month after I moved to States, I used my dishwasher as a storage. I had never seen a machine do a task that we did. I had heard about it in India but genuinely never actually needed it. We had domestic help who could help us, or we just did it ourselves. However, after a month, I decided to let go of my fears of using automated machines. I tried it and to my surprise I loved it. Slowly, I started using all home appliances. I have realized that there is more fun in getting the work done rather than being proud of I did it on my own.

Image Credit – Designrfix

There is always a debate on technology – human friendly or not. I would say it’s up to us. How I use technology is completely up to how I want to live my life and who I want to be a part of it. Consciously – Subconsciously we are making choices – choices based on our priorities. We pick and drop things depending on what suits us.

Since I had extra time on hand I decided to make use of technology more effectively. I use technology to make my life easy. I think we can no more deny the fact that we belong to the information world. Being in this world and not making using of technology would be like staying at the beach but no water to have bath.

I work from home – I think that the best gift technology can give you. I am a coach, author, entrepreneur, blogger & trainer professionally, but I am also a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, a friend, and so much more. Being all that at the same time is possible today only because of how we have progressed over years.

One of the new relationships that I have developed thanks to the information world is a relationship with my phone. Yeah – I don’t mind calling it a relation. It helps me organize myself, it reminds me of my to-do list and who am I kidding I spend a lot of time with it every day. So, I am in a relationship with my phone and it has made my life beautiful. I am in touch with my loved one’s more than ever, I am active and healthy, I have new friends, I am more organized and so much more.

Today I want to share apps that made my life easy

Reminder App – You can set unlimited reminders for yourself and never forget a thing. Today I am able to manage my training batches, coaching, cooking assignments, Language Classes, writing and fun family time using this app. Its basic version is absolutely free. One of the major challenges for women who work from home face is time management. This app takes care of me right from waking me up to reminding me to pray before I sleep. I am not saying I replaced it by my memory. I am just saying it makes life easy. I often forget small things in daily schedules, so I use Reminder to remind me of that. Things like – Meditate for 10 mins, read a book, Make gratitude list for the day, write 20 lines today, don’t forget to look in the mirror and say “I Love You” However weird it may sound, trust me it gives that positive momentum for the day.

Fitness App – The App by redrock is amazing. I am not really a work out person. I like doing daily chores instead of a 30-45 mins workout. I find it boring. But Fitness App changed my definition of exercising. I never knew how just the 5-10 mins of daily exercise would change how I felt through out the day. I can add my measurements, it gives me good set of exercises everyday and reminds me so that I don’t forget. Best part is I do not need any equipment’s – which means no extra investment. I have lost a few pounds in last 4 months but more than that I feel so energetic and positive the entire day I am not letting go of this routine.

Rainbow Love – Another app that has made my writing look beautiful. If you are Facebook user, then you know – if you just write something you get very few readers but if you just add an image to that more people read it. One of my very good friend recommended me – but then it soon became my favorite app. I can make quotes with my choice of image, color combinations and fonts. The essence of who I am. Number of readers have increased noticeably since then.

Meetup – Whoo… This is one big community I got exposed to thanks to small app called Meetup. It’s a great place to meet new like-minded people and grow your business. I am successfully running 2 meetup groups here for last 6 months with more than 150+ and 350+ active members. One does not need to have a paid membership just to get connected.

Audible – Another app that I have fallen in love with. I have always wondered how I can love watching series and movies but hate reading Fiction. I can read non-fiction, but fiction puts me to sleep. In the process I always felt left that I am missing out on something incredible. Audible has made that possible for me – I can hear the books instead of reading. I am getting better in vocabulary. Best part about this is I can do it while I am doing other activities like cooking, daily chores or just have my tea time. My knowledge and wisdom get a daily fuel without setting a time aside.

Zoom – Zoom is another reason I do not need a physical office. I can conduct any number of web-meetings comfortably just by a click. My coaching work completely runs on zoom – I can video call, share data and record my sessions all at the same time. It also allows me to do webinars with 100+ participants at the same time.

Notes – Notes is an app filled with my ideas and random thoughts. Its like my diary where I write anything and everything I need to make a note of. It has literally changed my life. When new ideas pop in they are quick to pop out too. I write it down before it does. It sinks with my email so accessing data is not a concern at all. It has my shopping list to everything I want to scribble. I can type in or just use my fingers as pen to draw my plans. Notes taking was never easy before.

Day1 – This is the latest app I discovered in 2018 and I am already in love with it. It’s a wonderful way of journaling. Penning down your best moments – adding a video or a pic to back that up. I can add a location too. All my best moments stored at one place. It apparently allows me to convert it and get it printed after a year too… isn’t it amazing???

GAIA – I am always hungry to learn new things especially if they are on lines with spirituality, awakening and inner power. Gaia helps me quench that thirst. Gaia streams thousands of consciousness expanding, yoga and transformational videos to all your favorite devices… Meditation, Yoga is so easy I don’t need a special instructor. Everything is available on GAIA. Spiritual Lessons, knowledge, stories and so much more. It’s a new world all together.

Though most of these apps are paid, trust me the investment is very low in comparison to returns & convenience. I don’t mind paying $4.99/ month for fitness rather than paying $24.99/month for gym membership + great looking outfits + everyday travel.

Technology is an invention by human to make life easy, use it. It is up to us if we want it to build our life’s and our incredible relationships or break it. Using these apps, I am living a better, organized life. Time is irreversible, so it makes sense in using it while we have it.

I am moving with time, it feels right. Now, I am contemplating if I want Google Home or Amazon Echo but one of them is coming home soon… will keep you all updated…