Tej Kohli was born in the megacity of Delhi, India in 1958. By 1980 he had become a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology where he studied Electrical Engineering. His life took a major turn when he decided to move to the United States in the mid-1980s. He settled in California and became a real estate investor.

Although his venture into real estate was largely successful, he moved to Costa Rica shortly after meeting his wife, Wendy. Kohli felt the need to leave the United States after he was involved in a real estate deal that was considered allegedly unlawful by The US Government. He knew he had to start all over again and wanted to do so in a different environment.

The Long-Awaited Breakthrough 

While in Costa Rica, he established a company that eventually developed to become a global brand and helped Tej achieve many of his lifelong goals. He launched a payments gateway system which became a leading establishment in the country, especially within high-risk industries. With the company, he would later invest in acquiring and selling online gaming properties that have been put up for sale after a foreclosure. 

Business in Britain and Beyond 

In 2006, Tej Kohli sold his company and relocated to Britain where he established a real estate business. This time, his real estate projects became immensely successful and included residential properties across Asia, premium residential estates in Europe, and mixed-use properties in the US. 

Tej Kohli is among the growing number of investors who strongly believe in the development of artificial intelligence and its importance in modern society. In 2006, he started supporting growing technology innovators, especially those in the field of artificial intelligence. He also invested in biotechnology developments which he believed could improve human lives.