After operating in his capacity as a Telecom CEO, Dr Edward who ran a multi million dollar telecom corporation was indicted in 2018, for fraud allegations dating back to 2006. In the latter parts of 2018, he was labeled ‘guilty’ and sentenced to prison for wire fraud.

Throughout his brief stay in prison, Dr Johnson maintained his innocence and for many people, prison is a place of lost-hope; a place of anguish and transgression; however Dr Johnson found plenty positives within his confinement. In prison, he attended Paralegal school where he finished with a 4.0. After being immersed in the tenets of law, and still in prison, Dr Johnson managed to help, not one, not two, but dozens of inmates earn judicial relief. In fact, he was responsible for helping many inmates get their long awaited release from jail. While in prison he also taught business classes and helped inmates create and develop business strategies for their re-entry into society. “I’ve learned that a mistake does not define your future, you define who you are and who God says you are”, explained Dr. Johnson. According to Dr. Johnson he has grown from any past mistakes and take this as a learning lesson which he instils to every one he mentors.

With his newfound knowledge in law, and his trust and faith in God, Dr Johnson led the fight for his freedom. Having God and the judicial knowledge on his side, the court which convicted him released him from prison.

Now as a free man, Dr Johnson, who is a devote family man continues to help many people around the U.S. in a mentoring capacity. With the launch of his new tech company, SkyPlay along with it’s new ground breaking technology and major deals which will launch services in Medicine, Fintech, Gaming and SAAS. With a billion dollar earning potential company, Dr Johnson believes God has called him to be an example of redemption and purpose.