Creating a culture of wellness after surviving sexual violence can be challenging. Award Winning Actress, Jamaican Native, and new author,  Jozanne Marie is helping women and men to overcome abuse and difficult situations by  sharing her own story of struggle, bravery and triumph in her newly released memoir , Beautiful, Unashamed and Unafraid.  In this provocative and so necessary book, Jozanne writing and knack for words gives you the feeling as if someone was sitting in front of you and speaking with you. It’s personal, intimate and caresses  your soul.  

“ I wrote this book because I believe when you speak out it gives others the permission to speak out as well.” shared Marie. “People say these topics and social issues can be heavy, but we are now living in a world where we are raising women to be heavyweight champions. When we address the heavy people will always leave light.” 

Jozanne Marie

Jozanne Marie persevered through the challenges facing her and not only became an artist, but a speaker, youth mentor and I believe a voice that will not only change this generation but generations to come. Beautiful, Unashamed is raw, truthful, and spiritual and will help anyone who reads it to look past his or her obstacles and walk in their true identity. Entrepreneur mogul, Kathy Ireland who penned the foreword states, Beautiful, Unashamed and Unafraid  will bless and save countless lives. 

Beautiful is a compelling, uplifting true story of triumph… you will laugh and cry. It will empower your life and give you strength, you didn’t know you had.” 

Kathy Ireland

Beautiful, Unashamed and Unafraid is available for purchase on, and wherever books are sold. 

Jozanne Marie is an acclaimed actress, playwright, poet, speaker, and an advocate for women. This Jamaican born multi-talented artist is also a NAACP Theatre Awards WINNER for Best Solo Show – BEAUTIFUL. Which she also wrote and performed. BEAUTIFUL has garnered critical acclaim by various news outlets, magazines and celebrities. Critic’s Choice in the LA Times and Best of the Week in Gospel Rhythms Magazine.


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