Ma$as Tello-Cater is an inspiring rap musician from Canada. He is one of the very few ar$sts who has managed to see the limelight due to his hard work and a never-ending passion for music. Tello’s exemplary work proves that there is no shortcut to success. 

The inspira<on behind Tello’s passion for music 

‘G-Eazy is without a doubt my biggest influence in this rap game.’ Marks Ma$as Tello. He says that the ar$st started in a fully oversaturated area/scene in Oakland (the bay area) and s$ll came out on top. Tello respects him and has analyzed the challenges that G-Eazy has pushed through to get to the top. He says that he can also relate to G-Eazy because his rela$onship with his mother replicates the one Tello has. However, he believes that he is one of a kind. 

Ma<as Tello’s work profile 

Tello is an 18-year-old independent vocal rap musician born and raised in Kelowna, Bri$sh Columbia, Canada. Current mainstream ar$sts such as G-Eazy and Lil Skies influence him. Tello specializes in Hip Hop / Rap and addi$onally R&B-like sounds. His Instagram domain is AUer constant persistence on making a name for himself, he has reached over 10,000 plays on his lead single ‘CommiWed’ on top of mul$ple sold-out shows and performing freestyles next to Gray Guns Band at Kona Hawaii’s largest yearly music fest KWXX Ho’olaule’a, with an audience of 14,000 people across all four stages. 

The key to Ma<as’s success 

Tello believes that he is successful because he knows his worth no maWer what anybody says. He says that consistency and versa$lity are massive, and the more people and audience one can aWract, the more it benefits them. Therefore, Tello always shows support to other up-and-coming ar$sts, local companies, etc. He also states that apart from music, one needs to understand aspects that come with music, such as adver$sing, marke$ng, social skills, crea$vity, understanding demographics, and how to produce high-quality content. All this has helped Tello to achieve success. 

Mistakes that taught something valuable to Tello 

Tello says that one should never underes$mate the power or talent someone has based on followers or social power. ‘I have lost show opportuni$es, poten$al features that could have made my music explode.’ says Ma$as. He also asks people to invest in themselves and not fall for scams or overnight fame because there is no secret formula. 

Goals for 2021 elucidated by Ma<as Tello 

Tello says that for 2021, he has done almost everything according to his plans. He is selling merchandise and achieved 10k plays on a song. Tello made his first music video (BuWerfly) and started his business. At the end of the year, Tello wishes to make a song each month, fading into the new year as well. He aims to perform alongside grander scale music ar$sts, perform at a fes$val or even have a massive ar$st feature on one of his tracks.