To tend to my well-being, I like to use a variety of Microsteps across the different Journeys. One of my priorities is to have consistent and regular sleep. I like to work late, but I also try to get to bed around the same late time daily (by midnight). This helps my brain get into the habit of shutting down at the right time each night. I also enjoy short bursts of unplugging to stay fresh and recharged. For example, power vacations like a three-day trip with girlfriends gives me enough energy for the next six months! 

To improve my focus and productivity, I’ll sometimes take a nap, wake up, and decide to focus on something — I try to get that task done no matter how long it takes. At other times, I go to my favorite spot outdoors and work from there all day. Stepping away from work from home distractions and being in a natural setting keeps me focused. If I do get distracted, especially when I’m working from home, I simply put my phone away in another room with the ringer off and focus on whatever I need to do at that time. Before putting my phone away, I set important calls or events into my calendar so I don’t miss anything important. 

I also love connecting with people outside of work so I can get in touch with the rest of the world. Expanding my connections help me widen my perspective and learn about important issues I may not have heard from my colleagues. To maintain my physical health, I walk almost every day and sometimes do yoga. It’s important to me to use movement mainly as a way to connect with myself, with health benefits as an added bonus. I don’t do as well at working on nutrition, so I supplement with lots of vitamins and try to drink as much water as I can.

Of all of the Microsteps I use, the one with the most significant impact on my well-being has been my almost daily walks. It’s not just the exercise, but it’s setting aside “me time.” It’s the time during the day where I know I can just be with myself and my thoughts. My creative mind expands during these walks — I think of new possibilities and get inspired for my newest projects. Given COVID restrictions, I’ve also found a way to take these solitary walks even in confined spaces.

Because my own progress in behavior change has made such an impact on my life, I share my experiences and practices with my team and encourage them to tend to their own well-being. On another level, I have also learned to delegate more and empower my team as leaders. I can see that this creates a better environment and workplace culture for my team.

Finally, practicing gratitude and enjoying nature’s open spaces are two things that bring me joy. I can always find happiness on beaches, deserts, watching sunrises and sunsets, exploring hills and mountains, or simply walking through a garden or a golf course. I feel a sense of awe and gratitude, which is a major booster and unfailing joy trigger.


  • Temitope Iluyemi

    P&G Senior Director, Global Government Relations, Africa

    P&G Legal

    Mrs. Temitope Iluyemi, is the Senior Director, Global Government Relations for the Africa region at P&G. Temitope, a qualified pharmacist, joined P&G Nigeria in 1998. In her over 22-year career with P&G, she has distinguished herself with a breadth of roles spanning across commercial and corporate functions (Sales, Market strategy and planning, Supply Network operations, External relations, and Government Relations). In this timeframe, Mrs. Iluyemi has lived and worked from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Togo, and the United States of America delivering significant value to P&G across business disciplines. Following her assignment in Washington D.C in 2017, she relocated back to Nigeria and her Government relations role was expanded across the 54 countries in Africa. Temitope is a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, sits on several boards and advisory boards including P&G Nigeria, Montserrado B.V, Corporate Council on Africa, Chairman of the Taskforce on Trade facilitation at the US Chamber of commerce, and is involved in various local community projects. Mrs. Iluyemi is passionate about governance, is a strong gender advocate, and is passionate about people and national development. She is a keen advocate of the African regional integration and a highly sought-after speaker who has advocated over several global platforms for the integration of African markets and the AfCFTA. Mrs. Iluyemi was recognized among the Top 50 Leading ladies in Corporate Nigeria 2019, Top 50 Leading African Corporate Women in 2021, Women who made impact in 2019 by the Guardian publication and recognized with a Honoris causa doctorate in 2019.