In elementary school, Daniel Couser detailed scooters and Frisbees for neighborhood kids in exchange for snacks. In high school, he and his friends ran with the wind, working and developing extravagant software ideas to combat complex issues. Now, Couser is a full-time Temple University student, founder, and CEO working to change the way we treat anxiety.

Growing up, Daniel watched his childhood friend struggle with anxiety. As he grew older, he increasingly began taking part in the conversation surrounding mental health. He soon realized that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for mental health issues, but that all attacks triggered similar physical stress responses: shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, among others. He found it bizarre that there was no accessible treatment option or tool to assist with these symptoms.

That’s when Daniel founded Kovaric LLC, a medical technology company that offers non-invasive, innovative solutions to cognitive disorders. He most recently launched C.A.L.M., a handheld device that uses pulses of vibration to influence brain waves and de-escalate anxiety attacks. He refers to this trusty device as a “reset button for the brain”, lending a helping hand when times get tough.

Couser has always surrounded himself with other like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs. As a Temple University student, he often takes advantage of the resources provided by Blackstone LaunchPad at Temple University, such as mentorship, workshops, networking, and pitching events. Most recently, Couser attended the LaunchPad Training Camp, where he was given the opportunity to surround himself with the top-most innovative students across the nation and advance his business by accessing the Techstars worldwide network and content. It was at this two-day event where he pitched his business concept and was selected for the Blackstone LaunchPad Powered by Techstars 2019 LaunchPad Lift Cohort, where he and other top student entrepreneurs will participate in a 10-week accelerator program.

Daniel’s experience at this two-day event went unmatched. According to Couser, events like these are like “cheat codes for entrepreneurs”, where founders are able to dive into the best practices in marketing, promotion, and implementation into the market. As a continuous learner, Daniel is most excited for the expansive network of mentors provided by the Lift Cohort, where he will be able to tap into the insights of those who have “really made it”. A team player, he believes in utilizing the minds around him and helping others in order to “come up together”. Couser isn’t interested in being lonely at the top; he hopes to rise alongside others with the same mission of giving back.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about innovation that has an impact”. Although Daniel Couser is just starting his journey, he doesn’t believe it will be over anytime soon. He remains optimistic and forward-thinking, always asking, “What’s next?”. It’s all about finding that new angle, approach, or solution. For Couser, that solution is a reset button for the brain.

Temple University’s Blackstone LaunchPad Powered by Techstars is a campus-based entrepreneurship program, designed to support and mentor students and alumni – regardless of major, experience or discipline.