We know that — Every equation has its own operators and operands. We people sometimes emphasize on result of “equation” instead “how to apply operators” and “How to use operands”. In this context, Equation is nothing but our “life” and Operators are nothing but acceptance (+) or ignorance (–) of Operands i.e. feeling, emotions. We are mature enough to understand the difference between “Simplicity” and “Adversity” and I’m assuming the same here.

Equation = Feeling + (acceptance) Emotions — (Ignorance)

Then, Resulting Equation would be like this:

Equation = Confident triumph (Terms and Conditions applied, whether you stick on acceptance or ignorance).

As per the historical evidence, nothing is ready-made on this earth i.e. (that is) something has to be earned and something has to be created. We can help people to understand their responsibilities, but we can’t help people who are irresponsible. This is a very simple and straightforward principle which could be associated and related with everyone. Drama is totally dependent on “Scripted” artefacts, if we have understood the script properly, then only can we perform drama. Drama sometimes would be associated with “Circle of influence” and “Area of circle”.

My point here is — Equation should be very clear and legal with regards to Operators and Operands, and I am following the same principle since my childhood. If you would like to make the equation more powerful and interesting, you are always welcome to add your thoughts too and understand the importance of Operators and operands as well.

Let me place before you a practical example of some useful case; in the example described below, A is nothing but a ‘common person’ and B is nothing but a ‘family member/professional colleague/friend/fiancee/wife, etc.

Stupidity: — If A is always thinking about B and B doesn’t care about A.

Ignorance: — If A is fully dependant on B and B is thinking about C.

Ability: — If A is fully dedicated to B and still B is confused, but A knows he/ she is best among all.

Confidence: — If A is doing his/her best for B and B is expecting miracle from C, but A is looking forward and doesn’t care about C.

Miracle: — If A did something for B and that was not expected from A, and C is in trouble due to A’s efforts.

Attitude: — A is not worrying about result, and B is thinking also A is honest, but C is also thinking about A+B in future or A+B=A*B or A/B=A-B.

Risk: — A is honest about his efforts for B, but B is worrying about C and C is thinking about D.

Tragedy: — A did his best for B, and B is unable to understand A, and B is also playing with C.

Cheating: — D, C and B are playing with A, but A can understand the real strategy behind BCD game.

There was a time when Mr. Tendulkar and Mr. Dravid were seeking for an opportunity to play cricket for the country, and they never even dreamed that it would be within their reach. Now, everyone knows who they are, and what they have done in their lives. Their hardwork and dedication made their destiny reachable. This is a just one example… (There are many such examples)– Easy to explain and read but, difficult to accept… (As we all think). Ability matters only when, Capacity + Reliability come together and you execute in appropriate manner. It means ability does represent “Seek” for something which may be useful in professional cum personal life.

Diagram 1.1: Friends circle

It has been observed that, during our difficult times, our childhood friends do contribute towards creating happiness in our lives. Permanent friends are nothing but close and honest friends who can stand with us in our difficult times to encourage and drive the situation. Permanent friends definitely bring happiness in life, but exceptions are there too. Majorly, though, they do contribute towards our development.

Always seek permanent friends instead of temporary ones.

Seek sanity, select saturation. Stabilize sanity, select seek. Subtract sickness…. That’s all I can wish for you folks. It was quite difficult to make such a tricky sentence, but managing somehow, and learning from you folks. Every person we meet is a “Guru”, because learning is part of our life, and I got a chance to learn every small thing from you guys. The desire to learn is the greatest key to “excellence”; keep adding such key values. When we review our past, we may realize the importance of time as well as “every mistake” which we made. Never have regrets on the past, because it will not give you happiness, but surely may construct “HAPPINESS” for your future. Make good and permanent friends (instead of “temporary”…. 🙂 That’s again a key to “permanent happiness”. If we can’t fight for “What we Want”, then we don’t have to cry for “What we Lost”.Be a Winner not a Loser.

The world is a dynamic place. Change is unending, even as the continuity of change creates knowable patterns of cause and effect. Yet, to say that change is constant is not to say that change is a constant. Such may be the case with interstate hostilities across the divide of domestic politics. Regime type differences may be one source of international conflict, just as similarities may promote relative peace. However, the assumption has been that the effects of similarities and differences (whatever they may be) do not change, that regime type is about as conflict inhibiting or conflict-inducing at one moment in history as another, and that tensions within dyads remain unaltered by the ecology of regime types in the global system.

Best idea to deal with any situation is to make permanent friends, who can support you in your difficult times and help you to reach your goal. Again, identifying permanent and temporary friends is a master key. The below described index 1.2 would be useful to segregate the differences between permanent and temporary friends.

Diagram 1.2: Friendship INDEX

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