Today I wanted to address something that comes up for so many of my clients. Much of my speaking and coaching centers on the idea of becoming the center of your Universe — in a good way. To do that you have to have a strong sense of self and self confidence. Self confidence is something that builds upon itself. The more successes we have the more self confidence we gain.

But there are times when we don’t succeed. Those are the times that we need to find ways to maintain our self confidence despite our failures. Our failures do not define us any more than our successes define us. Yet we give up our power to failures allowing them to create doubt and self criticism.

Confidence is both an “inner game” and an “outer game”.

As an inner game, there are internal processes, thoughts and feelings, that we can identify that sustain our confidence. As an outer game, we can use our body and our energy to project confidence that can be seen by others. The ten affirmations that follow are both inner and outer game changers. Use these affirmations when you are not feeling so successful and regardless of what is happening, you won’t lose your self confidence.

Inner Game: My thinking and beliefs drive my confidence in myself.

I am competent in my skills, talents, abilities.

I believe in my mission, purpose, vision and business.

I am an A player.

I am worthy and deserving.

I understand, embrace and project my value and worthiness.

Outer Game: My body and energy management generate more confidence.

I stand in a position that creates a sense of presence in the room.

I manage my energy, centered in my power place (dantien) envisioning a circle of energy projecting out from me into the room.

I manage the tone and pace of my speaking.

I use positive, concise, definitive language (versus tentative language) to express my ideas and thoughts.

I am direct in making requests and agreements.

* * * * *

And when you do begin to doubt yourself, as we all do at times, remember the following…

Yes, You Are Awesome!

Alicia M. Rodriguez is a Conscious Living expert and guide. Throughout her life she has been driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand life, spirit and humanity. She is the author of Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You and EveryDay Epiphanies. She writes, blogs and speaks on issues of conscious living, purposeful leadership, women’s issues and spiritual evolution. She lives at her retreat center home Oasis in Ecuador.

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