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Fasten your seatbelt and sit tight, because we are going to tell you how your very beloved professors make a fool out of you! These angels and righteous people aren’t that righteous after all!

From all those false reassurances to failing threats, here is the list of ten lies that you must have heard from them at least once during your student years.

  1. “You can’t expect to procrastinate and do assignments a night before the deadline and get grades.” 

Well, not entirely true! Because some students have mastered the art of procrastination. They process the information in their brain and let it marinate for a while so that they can cook it at the correct time. Also, some people perform better under pressure. Not to mention the help we get from online writing services, to whom we can ask to “Write My Essay UK” anytime we want!

  1. “I have checked all your papers; I will hand them over to you by the next class.”

It’s a big fat lie!! They probably didn’t have checked your papers and were just rambling about it. As soon as they review the papers, the next thing they would do is to grind students.

  1. “Whatever is being taught here, will help you in the real world!”

Well, we still didn’t get how those algebra sums would help us in solving any of our life problems. We are not saying knowledge is useless, but most of our learning comes from experience and a classroom is too small to teach us that!

  1. “If you’re weak at a certain subject, it’s a sign that you should switch your major.”

Not always… struggles do not imply that you are not good enough! Actually, it’s a challenge which can be solved through extra efforts and hard work. You can’t tell a businessman to abandon his career, just because he is struggling to make a profit.

  1. “I know when you’re paying attention to my lectures.”

We doubt that! You keep on scrolling through your mobile phone while sitting at the front desk, and the teacher can’t even realise that – not unless the screen reflects on your glasses.

  1. “I have never been biased to anyone.”

Not exactly! Teachers are well-known for favouritism, and even the most pious amongst all do favour A-graders at some point. Favouritism is in their blood!

  1. “If you have any query, feel free to reach out to me. I will even entertain your dumbest questions, just ask for my help.”

While some professors actually care about their students and encourage them to ask, some teachers just hate dumb questions. There’s another clan of teachers who can’t stand any question at all. They hate being interrupted amid the lecture, some hate their jobs, so if you try to extend their job hours by showing up to their cabin, then you’ll be the most hated person for them ever!

  1. “Your GPA reflects your intelligence! Achieve higher so that you can get a good job!”

Not true! Your GPA is just numbers that do not reflect your abilities and skills. Skills are all that matter to get a good job. Famous personalities like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are college dropouts and now are successful. We don’t mean to not go to college; we just mean that GPA doesn’t define your prospect of being successful. That’s it! So, how many lies did your teacher tell you? If you have more to add in the list, mention it in the comment box.