Amongst the many things that have attracted the attention of people across industries and fields, one cannot deny that the rise of young professionals, especially in the music industry, has made the most headlines in recent times. The way these young musical talents have been hustling and making the most of their opportunities, they are inspiring many others along their journeys. Serving as one of the best examples of such talented singers, rap artists, and songwriters is Tevan from the UK, who believed in his dreams and went ahead in turning them into a reality.

His passion, combined with his determination and commitment to music, has led him to the forefront of the music space in the UK and has made him a sought-after music artist in the industry already. In 2019, Tevan released his debut single “Anyway”, which featured JOJO HD, the highly anticipated YouTuber. This song helped Tevan create his unique standing in the industry as it was a fusion of Afro-swing alongside South Asian / Oriental music, which pioneered a new sound called “Afro-swing”, giving listeners a pleasing feel. It earned over 100K views on YouTube in less than a month and support from many well-known acts/peers from the UK, allowing him to gain a foot-hold into the already saturated UK market.

His follow-up single, “Cloud 9”, became yet another hit in the summer of 2019, in which he collaborated with well-renowned producer ATG. The song was playlisted on BBC Asian Network and many local radio stations across the UK. Urban Asia even endorsed it as “track of their week”, which exposed Tevan to an overseas audience (the US, India etc.)

From doing a show in Bulgaria with DJ Enay to getting opportunities in the Eastern European market and territory to gaining many more new opportunities, Tevan has come a long way as a self-made independent artist. “SHOW GiRL” became his third single, dropped in July last year with noteworthy producer 33. Tevan reveals that this song was his most spontaneous one, with the whole concept as freestyle. Its tongue-twisting top-liner with the gliding flow of 33 gave it a unique edge.

Tevan also highlights that as an independent artist also, one reaches the top with the help of a good team and management behind them. He finds himself lucky to have got the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s finest such as Hot Money Studios, Smriti Singh (social media/assets manager) and Patrick Osei (manager), who have led him onto the right path.

Right now, Tevan is all elated to come up with the biggest release of his career in collaboration with Daecolm, who has penned for Wes Nelson, Ella Mai, Chris Brown, Mario, AJ Tracey and others. The single has been mastered by Chris Athens, a prominent audio engineer.

Tevan, who considers himself an R&B kid at heart, says that his journey has just begun and is excited to do more in music in the near future. To connect with him, follow him on Instagram @tevanofficial.


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