I found out about the Thrive Challenge through my wife. They had talked about it at her work. and she suggested I look into it — so I did. When I started the Thrive Challenge, I just did it to see if it would help me make a change. Now it’s helping me keep my focus and achieve my goals. I’m feeling more bonded with my family. We’ve introduced more routines into our lives and are feeling happier overall. We are spending more time together. We are learning from each other and my kids come to me with their issues. Not only that, we are also saving money. I’m taking the money I used to spend on buying fast food and buying fruits for healthy smoothies instead. The money I used to spend on one breakfast is enough for four days of fruit smoothies. If I have a smoothie in the morning, it keeps me full until the afternoon. My sleep has improved, too. I used to fall asleep for 30 minutes or an hour and wake up. Now, I fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • I’ve been walking 15-65 minutes every day.
  • With my new walking regimen, I’ve lost 11 pounds. 
  • Since starting my Thrive journey, I’ve inspired two friends to eat better.
  • Exercising has helped me lower my stress levels.

My biggest surprise has been losing weight and getting stronger. I go on a walk every morning and sometimes, my family will join me. I used to feel like I was out of energy at 6:30 or 7 at night. Now I have a merry tune all day and climb the stairs with a positive spirit. I have a pair of pants I would usually wear without a belt, but now I need the belt. That is when I noticed something was happening to me. That was the day I said, “Oh, I have to keep up on this!” If you are active, you’ll be less worried. It lowers my stress.

Through the Thrive Challenge, our community is making better, healthier choices, seeing big results, and winning big.

Stories from past winners, such as Francis I. Igwebuike, prove that every individual has the power to transform their life every day through a combination of small, healthier choices and peer-to-peer inspiration.