My prayer is gratitude. I say, “Thank you, God for this awesome day! Thank you for my achievements today!” I thank him for keeping my family, friends, and planet healthy. Even now, with the Corona virus, I refuse to hear the news and comments, choosing instead to pray every night and morning. This prayer is outside of religion, it is more meditative and spiritual, still I talk to God. I thank God everyday, “Thank you God for the health of everyone on the planet, I see Mother Earth happy and nourishing all of us, no disease can overpower the natural grace of the universe.” I really believe if we are nourishing the planet with love, light, and gratitude, that there will be no diseases on this earth. It’s our own consciousness that attracts all this negativity.


  • Thalia Alexiou

    "49 Years After" A psychic mystical drama about a NY Holistic Therapist, and her clairvoyant childhood in Greece.

    Thalia Alexiou is a US citizen born in Greece. She lives and works as an alternative medicine therapist and a spiritual coach in New Jersey. She is a self-improvement and life coaching seminar instructor in the US and Europe. She is the author of three books Gratitude=Increase, a self improvement workbook, The Three Dreams, a children's book and 49 Years After, a novel and script in pre-production as a feature film.  Her personalized, handmade Mala energy bead necklaces can be found on Amazon.