Dear Mrs. Huffington 

I would like to share some great news we received yesterday.

Carmen Kraela, my beloved cousin that I’ve introduced to you a few months ago is the recipient of a special prize from the “La Scala” in Milan, for the Yusif Eyvazov contest. Yusif is one of the best contemporary tenors and husband of phenomenal soprano Anna Netrebko.

Being a classically trained singer myself and a huge fan of the above mentioned opera stars, I found out about the writing contest, but only a few hours before the deadline. I immediately told Carmen about it . I knew she will be able to pull it off , as she has done it before when I asked her to write some lyrics for a potential song for Eurovision.She dropped everything she was doing at the time and started writing. She was not only able to submit a wonderful rendition, a different ending to the “Andrea Chénier” Opera as well as new lyrics, but she did an outstanding job, for the world’s best opera singers along with the team of one of the most prestigious Opera Houses in the world, Teatro della Scala, loved her writings and decided to give a special prize for creativity!! How fitting that is since her page is called “The Creative Visionary”!❤️

The timing could not have been better, as Carmen actually quit her job this past summer to pursue her passion and love for the arts and literature!

I thought you’d be happy to hear about this beautiful journey of hers!?

Thank you again for providing Carmen the opportunity to display several of her recent creations on @ThriveGlobal.

By doing so, you gave her wings , more confidence and helped her soar, aim high and Thrive Globally!??

For that, we will forever be grateful!

Thank you!?

Nicole Roman