Art holds emotions, as well as history and ideals, which the artist skillfully translates into a visually appealing form to create an impact on its viewers. Aside from the creative aspect of art wherein the concept is formed on the medium, the receptive aspect of art is of importance as well. There are many things for the viewer to learn from a piece, and as a form of self-expression, the artist is brought a tremendous sense of fulfillment when the art they’ve produced is well-received and understood by an audience.

Thanks Canvas is an art company aspiring to connect artists to the aesthete who will truly recognize the full worth of a piece and the messages it is trying to convey. There is a disparity in the art industry it addresses; art appreciators are able to purchase art at an extremely expensive price, yet artists have to sell themselves short in order to make a living off their work. As an art company valuing both the artist and the customer, Thank Canvas bridges this gap and allows customers to purchase unique pieces at affordable prices, while enabling artists to earn and sustain their passion at the same time.  

Von Deon is the visionary behind the creation of this company. Born in Detroit and now living in Los Angeles, California, his work is recognizable through the bright colors, flowers, texts, and uplifting energy it has. The optimistic image of his signature is the result of his refusal to be chained by the despondency of his past. His motto, “Grow wherever you are,” and positive self-label of Flower Boy connotes the intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth he has found in building a personal relationship with Christ after a prolonged struggle with alcohol addiction.

Though an artist may be blessed with supportive family and friends, those people who are most supportive may not be easily able to afford their work. Without the proper platform to expose their work as well, artists suffer from having to compromise their prices in order to make a sale.

As an artist himself, and having experienced the same struggle in the business aspect of art, Von Deon, through Thanks Canvas, now strives to ensure that artists and their collaborators are in control of their margins, without being concerned with the 40% commission that fine art galleries typically charge artists trying to make a living off their work. Thanks Canvas is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the current time as it connects people and stimulates joy by building positive relationships around gratitude through art.

By millennials and for millennials, young artists and art collectors are the ones who get the most benefit out of Thanks Canvas. New artists are able to exhibit their art for potential patrons to view online, and the platform allows for a smoother communication and purchasing process between these artists and their buyers. Thanks Canvas is bringing in a new generation of art aficionados.

Art is a blessing in that it brings beauty and peace to a troubled world. Feast your eyes on the abundance of engaging works of art by visiting Thanks Canvas’s website and Instagram, and visit Von Deon’s Instagram as well to view his personal collection.