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“We must put God at the forefront of everything else in our lives. When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. Our love of the Lord will govern the claims for our affection, the demands on our time, the interests we pursue, and the order of our priorities.” – President Ezra Taft Benson

God has been my 1st responder and I thank Him for selfless service in my life! I thank Him for serving a great nation in the midst of COVID 19, while many individuals go after understanding and/or meaning. Meaning is strength. Waiting is powerful. Our endurance may rely upon our looking for and discovering it. I have discovered that a crisis can be one of a kind way to change our way or path to somewhere more beautiful. Being in a crisis allows us to love, investigate new chances, learning to be more objective, not afraid of change, and to assist you with turning into the individual or nation you were intended to be. Each difficult we are confronting right now have been allowed to trust in God and in the things not concealed and/or seen and to be gratefully honored and/or blessed showing God our actions by still serving & trusting Him.

The more you accept and trust God, the more boundless your conceivable outcomes become for your family, your prosperity, and your life. God has been my strength and both the Old and the New Testaments pronounce that God invigorates us Christians and teaches us to see in the New Testament the fulfillment of the promise of the Old Testament. It relates and interprets the new covenant, represented in the life and death of Jesus, between God and the followers of the Christ. 

God is one who never judges of who we are, He never blacks out, He never gets tired, and He has no lacking or slacking! It’s superb to realize that He will impart His solidarity to us, yet there is something we need to do to receive His strength. In the event that we invest energy day by day within the sight of the Lord, an extraordinary trade and/or exchange will happen and take place. We invigorate God giving Him our strength as we recognize, confessing our sins, praising, loving Him, while no matter what we do, He invigorates giving us His strength, which empowers us to bear and not loses hope.

God can fortify us so that we will have the option to live triumphantly in any circumstance and stroll through any issue. The most beneficial thing we can do is to invest energy within the sight of the Lord.

In conditions such as these, it is particularly critical to recall God’s guarantee to be with us. … Supplication isn’t the final stopping place, yet a caring guarantee from our Lord that He will hear us. Who might have even thought we would all be detached from our loved ones for periods these long in the year 2020 in our country of the COVID, 19 sicknesses? Prayer and God’s word has been my wellspring of solace giving me complete harmony as I sit and hold up out waiting for what is to come next.

Supplicating and/or prayer is a convenient interruption and/or distraction from the entirety of the negative news being demonstrated originating from all over the world. God’s assertion is the main thing that has helped me to get by to give me trust that permits me to love and recognition of the Lord. I now no longer underestimate something as straightforward as awakening which is and has been an incredible gift, however, more than ever right now! It additionally permits me to offer an admission to my transgressions, which should prompt our veritable contrition. One key explanation I implore is that God has instructed us to pray and God has commanded us that we are to be faithful to His will, at that point petition must be a piece of our life in Him.

There are healthcare pioneers, laborers overcoming this unequivocally due to their confidence and faith in Him. For some individuals, it takes an otherworldly reach to adapt to a catastrophe like this state where numerous devotees are not praying without a request to end this pandemic. I’m a long way from alone when God is part of my life. Believers do such things during times of emergency, particularly when one feels powerless with minimal other response.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Therefore we will not fear” Psalm 46:1-2

The rising circumstance with the COVID-19 coronavirus and the numerous sad & often negative news reports around us are making uneasiness and stress for the future and our prosperity is relied upon to proceed into the not so distant. In circumstances such as these, it is particularly essential to recall God’s guaranteed promise to be with us. He who made us, and gave his own Son for the salvation of the world, won’t leave his kids in this period of scarcity and of spiritual need.

However, in the midst of the pandemic, there are flashes of light that are assisting with counterbalancing a portion of the hardship and stress. God is continually dealing with us and taking care of so many who are helping and serving others. He utilizes everything from you, me, significant pioneers, leaders to mysterious healthcare workers, from physical things to circumstances, to give us that sign that He loves us and is in charge. Like God sending nourishment down from paradise for the Israelites in the desert, God is accommodating us in this desert situation.

Even in these truly scary and uncertain times, remember that “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work” (2 Cor. 9:8).

How about we pause for a minute to concentrate on God during the COVID-19 isolation quarantine. The present understanding of COVID – 19 is indicating us numerous things about ourselves and our reality. Specifically, I need to concentrate on how it is illuminating different parts of our way to God and how, even in troublesome occasions, there is an encouragement to be found in His word. As a matter of first importance, it is giving us that we are one humankind.

Each individual, each individual, each culture that adds to human assorted variety is a piece of this one, fluctuated, rich, and reliant mankind. It is giving us an outlook on how defeating and/or overcoming an emergency crisis is conceivable and incredibly possible when is part of the process.
It is conceivable when we become mindful of the significance of taking care of the Common Good and paying attention to our own individual duty or responsibility knowing God is with you. We can just live as one body. Independently, for every individual or every individual all alone, it is unimaginable what He won’t do.

It is showing us that there is no distinction in age, race, religion, or economic wellbeing inside our one humankind and/or humanity. All of us are a piece of it, nobody is forgotten about, nobody of us can manage without the others. This COVID 19 crisis has no color, age, gender, or race and we cannot do without the others.

It is showing us that we need to walk together, work together, and come together. We are completely concerned, we help each other to beat fears and tensions. Every single one of us is searching for an approach to help, beginning by putting what we ourselves need in the runner up and tolerating the measures and forfeits that permit us to add to the benefit of all.

COVID 19 crisis is indicating us the generosity and competence of the individuals who are in the bleeding edge, thinking about those who are affected, looking for solutions, or settling on troublesome choices to benefit for the good of all. It is demonstrating to us the affectability of such a large number of individuals or associations and the huge hold of solidarity that exists: in youngsters, in grown-ups and in the older, in all sides of human culture.

It is indicating us the intensity and power of faith, the solid bonds that join believers, the affection & love for Jesus Christ that actuates us, accommodate us, and joins us as one nation under God. There are such a large number of individuals supplicating together via web-based networking media. They need to proclaim their confidence, that faith which they feel in the profundities of their souls and which they can’t keep to themselves.

God is with us as He welcomes our supplications. Prayer isn’t the final supper, however, a caring guarantee from our Lord that he will hear us as He loves and cares for us all. It would be ideal if you right now would go along with us in petitioning God for those experiencing loss of loved ones and/or suffering from the coronavirus, those thinking about the sick, and all other people who serve during circumstances such as the present particularly our leaders.

“Blessed are those whose strength is in You.” – Psalm 84:5 ESV

God has been my rock and has reinforced & strengthened me and I express gratitude toward Him! Much thanks to You, Father! To the entirety of the brave healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, clinical & medical experts, and to our leader and his staff. What’s more, yes these people I am appreciative for their gallant and strength, however, God has been there for me day in and day out, whenever I need Him and I have depended on His Grace which has been my ventilator keeping oxygen streaming all through my body driving his approval of life into my body. Just God has given to give me harmony, expectation, and strength in all seasons of emergency. I express gratitude toward Him for being part of my life to go when all else is negative, dim, and frightening.

We can’t thank enough the cutting edge front-line wellbeing laborers, healthcare workers from specialists to medical caretakers to leaders, and administrative staff. Similarly thankful we are to all other people on call who are the first responders are all God’s heroes!

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