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Another Thanksgiving is coming. Let us be thankful for the great success of the year that passed. How about the challenges and hardships? I am proud that I had gone through burnout! You should too! “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more”. Yes, we heard Oprah Winfrey.

Below are 3 reasons to remind ourselves why burnout is a blessing.

Burnout encourages a more inspiring career

Have you ever imagined that without burnout, you might never have the courage to leave an uninspiring career? Sometimes we need a push to get out of our comfort zone and the routine that is created.

I have been an “ordinary” mother for years without knowing that I was wrong to bring to my children only care and love, and not my dreams and inspiration.

One friend asked me: Is it ok to be be fired and still happy? Yes, sometimes it’s exciting to leave a certain job! Do you feel something exciting and brand new coming? Then it will show up very soon if you truly believe in it!

Burnout pushes you to a positive lifestyle change

Whether it is the right time to recharge your energy, to find out some help, or to search for better work-life balance, burnout did bring its voice! It is an excellent opportunity to have a positive change in your lifestyle.

Be grateful that you can create new habits, for example being more mindful in cultivating joy, or preserving your energy. Do these today!

Burnout can unlock your potentials

Most people never doubt that they are more powerful than they think. When you are burned out, you are pushed to that limit of self-belief and self-identity.

It’s an occasion to realize the fact that we might have been living for years in an “ordinary” way that isn’t quite aligned with our highest purpose.

Believe me, burnout is your inner-being calling you to unlock the fullness of your life and realize your wildest dreams!

These are 3 main points that I always keep in my “adventure luggage”. Who knows, you are also on the way to a new exciting career, a greater lifestyle, and more cohesion with your ultimate state of flow! Chill up and enjoy the unfolding!

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