Thanksgiving is around the corner and all you single folks know that the obnoxious questions about why you’re ‘still single’ are coming, so remember this:


You know your relationship status will be questioned this week and it can be super annoying, possibly offensive. What to do?

Don’t let them put their stuff on you. Usually their irrelevant advice and ignorant questions say more about their past than your life.

These comments are easier to brush off if you WANT to be single. In this case, you feel confident about your life choices and can easily explain that what they want for you isn’t what you want for you.

It’s a lot harder if you want to have a true partner in your life and you don’t have one currently. The questions from others about why you’re single can start infiltrating your self-assurance and highlight your worst fears. They can even cause a wedge between you and that person if not handled well.

Here’s what I think most ‘coupled’ people don’t understand.

Just because someone WANTS a relationship, doesn’t mean they NEED one. That includes you.

If you’re single and looking, here’s what I want you to do.

Ground yourself in knowing that you don’t ‘need’ a man/woman. You ‘want’ a relationship, and you want one that really works.
As a love coach and dating/relationship expert, working with people around the globe, I can tell you that being single is a critical part of your journey towards a healthy, empowered relationship with yourself, and your perfect match.

I commend you for not settling for what’s been available to you in your past. I’m impressed that you’d rather be single than repeat your patterns. That takes strength and self love. That kind of consistency will support you in your journey of love.

And don’t forget – You deserve love that is a match for your giant, unique heart.


  • Michelle Baxo

    Empowerment Coach

    Power Love Woman

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