Let me start this straight…

Are you thinking about starting a business or is it that you are already running a business who feels running a business is tough?
Let me tell you, ever since I started my business, I’ve learned many lessons too. However, what matters is, learning from the lessons & moving forward…

Many who know me are well aware of the fact that I have been in business for more than 8 years, I started as a freelance marketer but slowly evolved to become a business mentor.

However, one question I get asked a lot is, why do I focus & care so much about building brand communities..?

What do you think, what is the reason behind that?
Is it just mere a strategy to stand out in the market, or is there a particular reason behind it?

If you know me well you know the answer to this question as well. Each journey has some lessons to learn hidden within it, so was mine. With zero corporate culture experience, the journey from a fulltime engineer to a business owner was never a smooth transition for me, it had its ups and downs as well as rock bottoms.
Hence, if you think it’s going to be like a quick shot towards financial freedom, you should probably stop right now.

Even when I started my business, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I’d be working longer hours to get it going, and I’d be 100% responsible for the success or failure of my business while it was just me.
But that was not all…
Right from being unappreciated by clients to the least supportive known ones it was a lonely journey to walk.

Sometimes, I felt I was a fool to walk against the crowd…
Sometimes, I felt life was meant to walk alone…
Sometimes, I felt pain is the way to gain…

However, I never choose to give up!

In fact, I care about my clients and will bend over backward of needed to ensure that they have a good experience, after all, treating negativity with kindness can go a long way and can turn both your days around.
ust like they say, things change…
Similarly, it did change for me as well…

One decision and I encountered a parallel universe. Do you want to know, what was that decision?

I decided to invest in growing the right audience for my business.

If you look across the internet you will find many articles stating audience growth as an essential factor contributing in any digital business growth in 2019, because that is the way for having a larger number of potential clients looking at your content will massively increase your revenue potential.
However, what truly matters here is, having the RIGHT audience.

That is how you load your universe with great clients who are fun to work with, as well as it is never a lonely journey anymore…

Building an audience ok 40k+ people has helped me connect with friends & clients across the globe to develop a wider global audience.
In fact, if I evaluate it more precisely, then my investment in building as well as nurturing my brand community has helped me outgrow my first 7-year growth in just past year or so.
Hence I always say,

Building a Community is the BEST thing you can do for your brand!

Some of the world’s strongest brands were originally built through community-based marketing like Nike, Starbucks, Google.
If they can, so can we…

The only thing that matters is if you willing to invest in building your brand community as well?

So, do not hold back, JUST DO IT!

And, if you are looking forward to taking result driven further specific action steps, I would love to invite you to be part of my community Build Communities that Scale – with Sushmita Jain you will love it!
See you on the other side!