The effortless skin routine we all know and strive for

I wake up, feeling fresh and vibrant as always as I walk into my bathroom. Putting my hands on the sides of the sink I look in the mirror then I promptly start my simple morning routine. First, I splash one skincare inspired commercial handful of water on my face to rinse off my nightly milky jelly blemish conditioner, Mario Badescu acne spot treatment, and my pumpkin fermented antioxidant rich eye cream. Then, I put on my french physician recommended oil replenisher; It is a MUST have if you know anything about skin care. I also use SPF 15 hypoallergenic for oily skin blackhead remover, a natural bark based pimple spot treatment, and my soy face cleanser. Lastly, I exfoliate with my face scrub made from black truffle cocoa beans from the deep depths of the Amazon rainforest and if you buy three products then you get a lip balm free, so it’s a bargain in itself. All of these are necessary to maintain my skin because if not I will more than obviously break out. How else can I keep my skin smooth and hydrated? Slathering on heaps of “natural” chemically infused skin remedies is the absolute best way to start a morning. It only takes an extra forty-five minutes in the morning for my skin routine and not like sleeping is any more effective for perfect skin than a cocktail of chemical treatments, right? And it only costs a third of my monthly paycheck to sustain all the products I use and if I buy them all in one sitting I get a free tote! So, basically it pays for itself.

Back before anyone knew what decent skin care was they used water for hydration and home remedies for the “natural” effect, but they must have been deranged to fight the instinctive and blatantly obvious process that is my morning skin routine. It is almost hard not to have a seven step system each and every morning. How can someone honestly rely on water and healthy eating to give them a natural glow? Everyone knows how much work “natural” really is. It’s like a messy bun. To get to the nonchalant “I just woke up” look you need to tease your hair properly, buy a donut to make the bun shape, tuck the hair under, spray two and a half puffs of hairspray on the top and tail of the pony, then slowly pull it through. Nothing in the world of natural beauty is actually effortless. It just becomes second-nature after you invest your entire life to it. But trust me when I say nothing is more rewarding than fighting acne and split ends. The smile on my face when people say how good I look without makeup is such a compliment. It reassures me that I hit the “bare faced natural” look right on the head. It only took my two hour makeup routine to complete. But don’t worry, it is all organic and oil free.

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