Grit-courage and resolve; strength of character:

My life is a kaleidoscope of movements, experiences, and emotions. I once hated my life so deeply that it drew me into a depth of despair that very few have ever been low enough to fully and truly understand. I’ve also loved my life to the heights of floating on ethereal clouds of ecstasy while grounded in my own mortal flesh. Sometimes, I go in-between the two mental spaces as I wrestle with memory of what was and the reality of what is.

Grit enhances the steadfast endurance that propels me through the darkest nights that eventually deliver me to the comforting glow of morning’s light. The time spent in isolation is where I can break, shatter, and emotionally or spiritually wither to become reborn each day. It is through sheer GRIT and WILL that I can re-align, rally against the darkness of my mind and continue to THRIVE the best way that I know how.

The choice to give up or continue to move forward, despite any and all challenges, is mine and mine alone. After many of these moments, I choose to go deeper and higher into this thing that I call my life. Every day I work towards my goals so that I am farther away from the inky darkness where I once chose to merely exist. And, each day, I choose to become more at home right where I am, not out there, but in here, in my own soul and my own space. I then go “out there-in the world” and choose, over and over again, to operate in love, at a higher vibration so that I can help others in recovery. I choose to surrender to my mind and use it for good and not to subconsciously destroy myself. I continually turn my fears over to God in hopes that goodness will prevail, not only in my life, but in the lives of all who are still suffering.

GRIT in Action-Strong, Tender, Determined

I touch my skin, hold myself, and make peace with every gritty mistake I had ever made. I’ve examined the value and equity gained from my errors in judgement. Gritty fact-I am not, nor will I ever be perfect, but I do seek to embrace the wild side that occasionally pushes mental buttons which can temporarily eject consciousness allowing ‘The Mad Hatter’ to be left in charge. I choose to let go of all the mistakes that once held the key to my self-imposed prison. If I become intimate with my mistakes and embrace the consequences of my actions, they simply cannot linger in my head-space like the stench of a cheap, overpowering perfume of my past.

Grit allows me to weep for all that I have lost and celebrate all that I have gained. Grit allows me to be brave enough to explore caverns of my mind where I have dared to enter because the gate keepers and the trolls told me that it is not safe to wander alone.  I have to leap into the unknown knowing I have a unlimited supply of grit and a net to catch me if I should plunge deeper into the free fall of fear. Grit says goodbye to thinking that says a gentle mind isn’t possible for someone like me-the survivor of trauma. 

A miracle can only be birthed when the illusion of rescue or comfort is destroyed by an event that is not explained by natural or scientific laws. Grit says that indeed I am the miracle because I have not only survived, I have found my purpose through the process that proves I AM the unexplained. 

I am a soul in recovery whose only passion is to change the world with my GRIT!

My passion is to share my truth to connect with others who haven’t found their voice yet!

Grit-courage and resolve; strength of character

❤ With all my love. You are NOT alone ❤

Rebecca L. Edwards


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  • Rebecca L. Edwards

    A sober author and passionate advocate dedicated to helping teens move beyond the stigma and shame of childhood sexual abuse so that they may find their purpose in healing and recovery.

    Learning how to THRIVE and move beyond life's most difficult challenges with childhood sexual trauma and addiction is incredibly powerful. My new book The NETT, New Evolution in Thinking for Teens, is rooted in transformational awareness that only comes through mastering and now sharing my lived experiences to help those who may still be suffering in silence. "Far and away the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work that is worth doing." ~Theodore Roosevelt