I think for many of us we are constantly trying to plan what’s next in our life, whether it’s a career, relationship, or our mental stability. Lately, I have been with friends who have shared with me more about their lives and their anxieties. After listening to several people, I realized that perhaps the feelings I am having are completely normal. The question then becomes how best to manage our thoughts and actions to be emotionally strong. To maintain my sanity, I counter any difficult/negative life events by enjoying and remembering wonderful/great memories. This seems the best way to go on and live my life.

When that feeling as if the world is crumbling around you, transform those negative thoughts into a permanent positive attitude with gratitude.


That’s what practicing
is all about!

40+ days until graduation for myself and other students all around USA.
As we enter this new chapter, we need to reflect on all the IRREPLACEABLE memories AND LIFE LONG lessons that got us this far.


  • Baron Hahn

    Web Content Producer


    I am a native of Winter Park, Florida. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, I am presently living and working in San Francisco as a Web Content Producer, working in partnership with stakeholders across Timbuk2. I am responsible for the coordination and execution of Timbuk2 website related projects ensuring consistency with company strategy and business objectives. Working, dreaming and placing one foot in front of the other is the daily cadence. It’s exciting to muse about the next chapter in my life and the challenges and opportunities that will unfold. Life lessons fuel me every day to be more aware of my physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. Sharing my stories with friends and family brings such joy.   Excited and humbled when any of my stories help or inspire others.