Everyone has a to-do list, but why is it that some people accomplish more than others? How can we expect to get everything done especially while working from home? We’re going to uncover a new way to tackle those to-dos like a boss with 4 simple steps that can be implemented today.

Let’s take a look at the typical way people handle to-do lists. What we’ve seen is that it’s common for people to sit down at their desk in the morning and start putting out fires. They hop on their email and let that guide them, are interrupted by phone calls, kids running into the office and pre-scheduled appointments. The day typically lacks structure and keeps people tied up with “busy” work.

Many wonder why it feels like they’re never making any progress towards the things in their life and business that actually move the needle.

But to-do lists are only a part of the work that needs done. If we look at this like the 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Principle we should spend 20% of our time on to-dos and the remaining 80% on activities that propel us forward towards our goals. What happens is when you focus all of your work time on tedious to-dos you’re unable to spend any time on tasks that allow you to stay in your lane.

Understand that there is a difference between to-dos and daily activities. Let’s not include things such as pick the kids up for school, grab lunch with Sarah or anything that involves leaving your desk. Keep it to things such as; schedule lunch date with Sarah, remind John to pick the kids up from school, order groceries for tonights dinner.

What we’re going to do is simple; I’m going to break it down for you now:

Step 1: Take 5 minutes in the morning and write down all of the things you have to do for the day. Write anything down that comes to mind.

Step 2: Highlight the top 3 items that are MUSTS or the most important to get done.

Step 3: Time block 45 minutes to 1 hour on your calendar for the day (preferably in the morning once that cup of coffee kicks in).

Step 4: Focus for the entire time block on your to-dos only and get as many checked off as possible. Any that aren’t completed move to the next days list.

If you can learn to time block to-dos and prioritize the most important tasks during your time block, you will free up the entire rest of your day to be dedicated to tasks that move the needle and help you further reach and execute your goals.

Let’s be honest, if we don’t take control of our time the days can slip away from us leaving us wondering what we actually accomplished. It’s easy to feel a sense of overwhelm when our to-do list continues to grow with little to no progress actually made towards the things on it.

Remember, your to-do list shouldn’t take hold of your day, but should be an integral part of your day that keeps you getting things done while staying in your lane.