Widely celebrated for his accomplishment on the theory of relativity Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist pioneering one of two (2) pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). His work broadly known for its influence on the philosophy of science. He is best known to the general public for his mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc2, which has been dubbed “the world’s most famous equation”.

Einsteins observations to the astute scientific student also promoted debate amongst behavioural therapists all over the world. One of his astute observations was about to shake my world forever.

“Every human being in the Universe must make the most important decision of their lives” he stated. That is;

“Do I believe I live in a friendly or hostile Universe”

On the surface of it, the above statement can exit the mind without a great deal of Importance; hostile or friendly? Yes, I get it. But 3 years ago the gravity of these words hit this writer like a sledgehammer on steroids and shifted my thinking into the person I wanted to become.

A Best Selling Author.

I’ve come to understand the gravity of Einstein’s question above. It correlates directly to the world we see and find ourselves in; the life we’re keen or not keen on living. Albert’s question at its heart was to ask us all what we believe is true about our own potentialities.

If we believe the world is a friendly place, we’ll continually search and come into contact with people, situations, circumstances and friendly encounters to assist us on our journey. If on the other hand, we believe at core that the world is a hostile place – we’ll consequently look for and locate evidence to support our hostile position as to why events conspire against us and usually, to a bad end. This simple premise goes much further than you might think when we realise that habitual beliefs are formed relatively easily if we keep positioning ourselves to see examples surrounding hostility.

If you’re agreeing with the hostile position, the Universe will ultimately support your position. If you believe in friendly, the Universe will also, support your position. It comes down to understanding that the way we chose to think ultimately creates experiences that match up with that flow of thoughts.

Einstein’s observations were built on the premise that we live in an attraction based Universe. I can’t help but seeing the parallel Universes’ here between Einstein’s beliefs and what is widely known today as The Law of Attraction. What we believe is true – from our own vantage point – we’ll seek to understand and prove. We’ll continue to live in an existence based on those core beliefs without bias. It’s honestly astonishing when we consider what impact our own thoughts can have on our well being and consequent reality. At the same time, it’s also scary to locate a saboteur lurking in our own mind, quietly pursuing an agenda based on (its own evidence of) scarcity, hostility, fear and the constant potential for failure. As Einstein said, it’s all relative.

When we come down to it, it’s not actually failure that scares us so much. We all fail at something or rather everyday. Its the fear of not coming back from failure because of possible hostile beliefs that inherently ensure a non-attempt.

Einstein himself, the most celebrated scientific mind in the past 100 years constantly amended his varying hypothesise (failed) time and again to successfully uncover the nature of the Universe.

His successful insights and accomplishments echo more than 60 years after his death.

I can’t help but believe the reason Einstein is so celebrated today (apart from his theories on theoretical physics) was his belief that we live in a friendly Universe. He saw a co-operative Universe wanting to unfold its secrets to him. And he danced with it.

To that end, the answers he was seeking, were also seeking him.

It’s the fear of a hostile Universe that paralyses us to the point of inaction, not the fear of failure. Failure seems to be part of the process to any type of accomplishment being fulfilled. And while some are content sitting on the fence of life, not uncovering their unique calling or purpose driven path, others see a friendly co-operative Universe that discloses its secrets to them to live what we see as a thought-provoking purpose-driven life.

Ask yourself the question and see if your true beliefs match your current experiences. Something tells me they’ll align perfectly.

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