Let’s dive right in, shall we?!

So this is how I came upon this 1 thing that help you innovate, evolve, and dominate… 

I was sitting down at my dinner table with a plate of rice in front of me, the rice was mixed with an array of vegetables, seasoned perfectly, and the perfect mid-day meal. Enjoying my meal for about 10 minutes, my sister came downstairs and turned the light on. Shocked and amazed by the difference the light made, I realized that I didn’t know I was sitting in the darkness until my sister turned the light on

From that simple, yet insightful experience I learned that we need certain people in our lives capable of turning the light on. They give us the ability to innovate, evolve, and dominate at massive levels. 

Who are those people? Keep reading..

I recently watched the movie ‘The Founder’ on Netflix which is about the story behind McDonald’s and I saw this proven true. To make the long story short, the McDonald brothers had considerable control over the company until their business partner, Ray Kroc, had someone in his corner to turn the light on. This particular person said to him, ‘You’re not in the hamburger business, you’re in the real estate business.’ With that new level of thinking, Ray Kroc was able to buy the brothers out of their own company and dominated the food industry. 

Ray Kroc needed that person in his corner to turn on the light so he could innovate, evolve, and dominate. 

Secondly, I was watching a TED interview with Elon Musk and was listening to the plans he has for the future. One of them involves creating a tunnel system underneath LA to alleviate traffic and the other involves colonizing Mars. His depth of thinking, passion and optimism for the future turned on a light for me.  His vision that would impact humanity challenged the impact that my current vision would create and pushed me to think bigger than I ever have before.

From that experience, I learned that you won’t know how small you’re thinking until you spend time with someone who thinks bigger aka turns the light on.

To summarize, in order to innovate, evolve, and dominate you need people around you that think bigger and differently than you. Ray Kroc’s associate thought differently which allowed Ray Kroc to maximize the opportunity of a lifetime. Elon Musk thinks massively, which ignited a bigger dream a vision for my life. You need people that will challenge your thinking, your potential, and your dreams or else your thinking, potential and dreams will remain limited. Someone with a different perspective can show you things you never considered, ignite ideas that were buried and help you accelerate on your journey to success. So find those people, build relationships with them and watch as you innovate, evolve, and dominate on levels beyond your imagination.