“We must pass through the darkness, to reach the light.” ― Albert Pike

Are you ready to accept brutal truths about life and feel less anxious?

You’re not ready, I know.

I wasn’t either, but I learned the hard way how life works. I’ve learned how to put myself at the moment to feel less stress, anxiety, and depression.

Worry means you can’t feel gratitude for the most basic conditions you have. Someone else would love to have your life and he thinks you’re rich. While you think you’re poor.

It’s all in the mindset.

The first step toward changing your reality is accepting the brutal truths about life.

You don’t have other choice than to accept. You live now, and not yesterday or tomorrow.

It’s possible to find joy and peace in the current situation. Live now with what you have in life. Enjoy it. Use the best out of this moment.

Negative thoughts arise in your mind, and you feel worried, anxiety, or irritation by someone’s actions or current situation. Tell yourself:

“This is how my dark side thinks. The one I don’t like. The one who didn’t find herself. I now choose to think in a way which serves me, brings good, and peace.”

You can be indifferent about what other people say and do. When you connect with a situation or a person emotionally, the thought comes from the subconscious mind. You act by default. As you’ve learned as a child or from a similar past event.

Life wouldn’t be beautiful and full without these truths. It would be monotonous, and it’s not made to be like that. As soon as you accept and reconcile with these truths, you’ll feel calmer.

You’ll experience a feeling of freedom which you strive for.

These are the 10 brutal truths about life you need to accept now:

Accept that life is difficult sometimes.

If I would say life is easy and simple, you wouldn’t believe me. But it is. We make it difficult with our thoughts, reactions, and deeds.

That’s why it’s important to accept that life is sometimes difficult. Everyone is dealing with some painful life challenge. You don’t know where you’re going, what to do, who you are at that moment.

As if the whole world turned against you and persecuted you. It’s hard to live with that burden on your back.

“Why is this happening to me? What have I done wrong?”

If you wouldn’t experience life on the dark side, you would never recognize the bright side. There’s a reason why you, why now, and why it’s so hard.

While you’re in that state of mind, you’ll not find out WHY.

So, life is sometimes mysterious and difficult. Just like your thoughts and feelings are.

Accept that you have negative emotions.

If you would look at the negative emotion as a message from your unphysical–“I don’t see this situation the way you do. Change something. Here’s what I recommend …,” then you would see it as a blessing.

Negative emotion attaches onto the same negative thought. It’s not about the emotion. It’s about over-thinking. Each situation is neutral until we give it a meaning with our emotion and thoughts about it.

Emotions are our guides. When a negative emotion arises, you’re not at the right track. You need to change something. Even when you change, a negative emotion won’t disappear forever. It’ll show up sometimes to let you know you’re a human being who came here to experience life through emotions.

As soon as you accept that negative emotions exist, it’ll be better for you.

Accept that you can’t change anyone.

Is there at least one person who changed someone?

No. Not even a psychologist or a life coach can change anyone. They can only encourage and motivate him for a change. Only if he wants to change for his own sake, he’ll do it. Not because of you, or others.

Accept the fact you’re also not obliged to change anyone. It’s up to them if they’re grown-ups and mature persons.

You can point to that but you can’t influence the rest of the story.

You would love to have everyone around you as you want them to be like. Only so you can feel easier in their company and understand them. Isn’t this a selfish attitude?

So, next time, before you wish to control someone else, remember it’s not up to you.

Can you control yourself? No, so don’t do it to others. It’s not humane.

Accept the responsibility for your life.

The change begins when you accept the responsibility for your life.

Do you care about yourself? Instead of blaming yourself, take responsibility. It’s not the same. To accept responsibility means not blaming yourself or others for your life. You grow as a person and you accept that your life is your responsibility.

Your thoughts, feelings, actions towards someone or something come from within you. Accept this and you can work on having positive thoughts and feelings and to doing good deeds to everyone. Including yourself.

Taking responsibility is the key to a change and a life without stress and anxiety.

Accept that you can’t change your past.

Stop dealing with the past and focus on now.

Where are you at this moment? Here or in your thoughts and memories of a past? Does anything change by that?

This moment won’t come back. You’re losing nerves and time by analyzing and suffering for what doesn’t exist anymore, except in your memory.

You can’t turn back time and past moments, but you can do all that’s in your power to make this moment unforgettable.

Accept that the past is unchangeable. Learn from those lessons and become a better person towards yourself first. That’s what the past is for.

Accept that the future is unpredictable.

It’s the same for the future as it’s for the past. Stop wondering what can happen.

“What if…”-questions don’t lead you anywhere except to anxiety. You create your worry about the future by thinking upfront. It doesn’t exist except in your imagination, and wishes.

It’s nice to have a wish and live for some goal. But it’s more beautiful to work on that now. Enjoy your present moment because it’s the only one that exists.

There won’t be anxious thoughts if you would live here and now instead of somewhere out there.

The future is unpredictable and you shouldn’t worry because of it. You should find the beauty in that through living in the present moment.

Accept your imperfect physical look.

Even if a person seems physically perfect, she has some defect. No one is perfect, neither are you. Accept that the body you have is only yours and unique.

If you want to feel prettier, first act upon feeling healthy. Don’t let other’s people’s comments about your look create insecurity.

I accepted my tiny body figure as the one I might always have. I felt prettier and freer. Since then I work on to feeling healthy and happy within.

I have persons in my life that matter a lot to me, and they love me the way I am. Why would I worry about what someone who doesn’t respect me says?

I know it can be hard, but take some time to observe yourself in the mirror. Accept your imperfection and a fact you can change what doesn’t seem well to you.

You’ll never be perfect, but it’s more important to feel healthy and confident within your skin.

Accept that no one is immortal.

One of the most brutal truths about life is that no one is immortal. Whether you want to admit it or not.

Everyone leaves this world in the end.

Are we going to stay at home and suffer for the ones who aren’t in our life anymore? Or we’ll continue to live with the ones who are still here with us? The choice is ours.

Maybe even when we die, we don’t know what happens after life. And why life needs to be over.

Accept that nobody you know and love isn’t immortal. Enjoy sharing life with people you have.

Don’t waste time on something you can’t influence. And can’t stop from happening.

Accept that you can’t be happy all the time.

When someone is sad, he thinks happy people live better and they’re always smiling.

The truth is actually that happiness isn’t constant and unchangeable. There’s not a happy human born under a lucky star. There is a human who’s brave to dare. Happiness follows the brave.

Even when you change yourself and look at a bright side on life, it’ll happen that something shakes you and you’ll return to negativity.

Are you going to stop believing in happiness? I hope so not. Just go through the current sadness and pain. Remember that nothing is permanent–neither sadness nor happiness.

It’s good to know that you strive for happiness. Happiness comes from gratitude. When you’re grateful, you’re happy.

You can’t be happy all the time because when you’re not, it’s a sign you must work on something within to go to a higher energy–joy. The happiness always comes after survived negative emotion.

Accept the current situation you’re in.

Is there anything more to say about this? There are many articles on this topic. It’s simple, really.

You’re not anywhere else but here. The past is in your memory and the future in imagination or a vision. If you’re there and not here, you’re throwing precious time into the air. Don’t let yourself to repent because of that.

To live now is the only thing that’s possible for you. Therefore, accept you’re here.

This moment is the only reality that exists and you can’t escape it. Face with it and take from it the best you can. Prove yourself to be worthy of this moment.

Only when you accept the current situation as a current reality you can expect a better reality to come. The best solution comes when your energy is the energy of change and of the positive outcome.

Do you know some other truth that life brings you persistently and you avoid accepting it?