The ability to adapt to the specific needs of your sector, niche or target audience, and also to provide valuable and applicable insights beyond a generic consultancy. In turn, it is a key to give the option of creating personalized web pages, as well as digital-marketing strategies and actions that fit the specific needs on each occasion.

Data collection and management

Know where and how to handle data and information from the sector: trends, interests… as well as analyze the internal data generated by the company to effectively analyze it and draw useful conclusions.

Specific media and channels where you can publicize your business

The most relevant. Not everything goes. This will help you plan campaigns and measure ROI. Keep in mind that each audience uses specific channels; identifying the buyer persona and studying their information channels is the first step to approach an optimized strategy: social networks, email, reference media… And we must not forget the user experience either.


Combining marketing actions with brand design, web development, user experience optimization or CRM implementation guarantees you the best results and a global vision of your company’s successes.

Qualified staff

To develop a good marketing strategy, the company must have experts in each area: designers, copywriters, experts in digital-marketing, S.E.O analysts, provide interactive post ideas, create unique content, etc.


Your business is unique. Your project should be too. Creative, different, original proposals. Having a team of creative’s who understands and knows how to correctly manage the identity and needs of your brand is key to maximizing it. It is essential both at the branding level and when creating a branded content strategy to connect the brand with the consumer.

Own work model

Make sure that their work dynamics and those of your company are aligned and there is a coordination to be able to function. In this sense, score points if the agency uses the agile or scrum methodology to optimize its processes. As its name suggests, it will help us to work more agilely and to maximize the resources we have.

Research for innovation

Without innovation within the agencies we are lost. But the important thing is that the online marketing company that we hire has the “end to end” Marketing + Technology approach that allows us to measure and innovate and thus create a competitive advantage over the competition. A seal of guarantee in this sense is that the company has partnerships of companies focused on technological solutions.


The teams of the company and your company must be in contact to ensure the same direction in the establishment of ideas and objectives. Unify criteria and establish fluid communication with briefings.


The company must put all its effort into developing a unique campaign in your sector. If you have among your customers possible direct competition from you, it is difficult for this promise to be fulfilled.

The specific needs of your company are the most important and having a team that is in charge of covering it is essential to achieve common objectives.

Strategy, technology and creativity are three key pillars to take into account when choosing your digital agency.