As we embrace the joys of giving this season, we’re also celebrating the joys of thriving. Today we launched the 12 Days of Thriving — we handpicked the most exciting products to inspire, uplift, and bring more joy and well-being into your life. From the hard-to-gift in-laws to the woman who has everything, each day we’ll be highlighting a product to help check everyone off your list this season. We will be hosting special events and exclusive discounts at our pop-up store on Broome St. between now and the end of December, including free bouquets with Urban Stems in-store Friday, 12/16 and the chance to customize a candle with a special gift message with KEAP on Saturday, 12/17.

Day 1: Give The Gift of A Good Night’s Sleep: Sense with Voice, $149

Sense with Voice sits on your nightstand and monitors the way you sleep, allows you to keep your phones out of your bedroom and includes a voice activated alarm. With a detailed breakdown of your sleep cycle, this is the perfect present for those seeking a smarter night’s sleep. Available in charcoal and cotton.

Day 2: The Gift of a Digital Detox — Phone Bed, $100

Good night, smartphone. Our signature phone bed charging station is the easiest way to put your phone to bed (and outside your bedroom) to make a nightly ritual of recharging. With a dual-sided blanket with Microfiber and satin to clean your devices, this is the ultimate gift to unplug.

Day 3: The Gift of Beating Jet Lag — Arianna Huffington’s Travel Essentials by the Good Night Co., $165

Make your flight more sleep friendly with Arianna Huffington’s travel essentials. We partnered with The Good Night Co. on a travel set that includes includes a sleep mask, earplugs and silk pillowcase for those loved ones that are perpetually in flight.

Day 4: The Gift of Creativity — Design Your Own Marble Maze by Seedling, $60

Seedling brings to you the family game night reimagined with a virtual reality adventure. Design your own maze and use Seedling’s app to scan your Maze and step inside your own design. By combining cutting-edge technology with good old-fashioned fun, this interactive game is the ideal family gift.

Day 5: The Gift of Self Care — Rest & Relaxation by Sakara Life, $69

Sakara Life’s Rest & Relaxation kit features sleep tea with catnip to calm the nervous system, lavender essential oil to calm the mind, and a mineral Bath Soak to draw toxins from the body and soothe sore muscles. And with chocolate that promises to reduce anxiety, this gift set is the perfect present for those in need of some serious R&R.

Day 6: The Gift of Gratitude — Digital Card Tribute, $50

Up your gifting game from a company that promises to deliver “the most meaningful gift on Earth.” Tribute makes it easy to create a video montage of your friends and family sharing their gratitude for someone you love. Invite friends, collect clips and Tribute will compile the final video.

Day 7: The Gift of Breathing — Spire Activity Tracker, $100

Spire’s motto of “Breathe Better, Live Better” is something we wholeheartedly embrace. You may not need a rocket scientist to tell you when you’re stressed, but a device to track your breathing patterns certainly helps. Clip on Spire’s stone to a waistband or bra strap and tap into when you’re stressed, focused or in a calm state of mind.

Day 8: The Gift of Unwinding — Thrive Massage by Zeel, $105

Does a personal massage in the comfort of your own home appeal to you? We thought so. Zeel brings a five-star massage to you in as little as an hour. Self-gifting encouraged.

Day 9: The Gift of Romance — Pour Les Femmes Pajama Set ($205) & Essential Oil by the Goodnight Co, $15

This is the perfect gift for a night in: an essential oil blend of lavender and cedarwood from the Good Night Co. and the Pour Les Femmes classic pajama set made from soft cotton.

Day 10: The Gift of a Peaceful Mind — Muse Headband, $249

We all know that meditation is easier said than done, and that’s precisely where the Muse headband comes in. This brain-sensing headband makes meditation easier by giving you real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain while you meditate, making this one of our favorite gadgets to gift this season.

Day 11: The Gift of Comfort — Vyper, $199

We love this vibrating performance foam roller by VYBER for many reasons. Used by some of the world’s most elite athletes, VYBER uses 3 different speed settings powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries to improve the body’s overall performance.

Day 12: The Gift of Movement —The Peloton Bike, $1,995

The Peloton bike is the best at-home stationary bike currently making headlines. Peloton connects riders to world-class group cycling workouts led by elite instructors from the comfort of your own home.

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