What a 2 year old can teach us about business.

Spending time around my bright, bubbly 2 year old niece has got me thinking about what a 2 year old can teach us about business.

Now I’m not suggesting we should all return to nursery or kindergarten!

But observing how a 2 year old approaches new situations or challenges certainly highlights qualities and an approach that will put us in good stead in business.

Being inquisitive – Asking the Who, What, Why, Where, How questions. Being inquisitive and having a thirst to learn helps us adapt to change and new situations – a quality companies seek from their employees today. As Albert Einstein said: “I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive.

Innovation – Challenging the norm to introduce new elements to your business. A 2 year old’s new concepts are second to none. Take a note from this fresh thinking to bring changes to your business – no matter how small or large. No business should ever overlook the importance of innovation.

Imagination – Just because something is designed for a certain use (a cushion, for example) – is there a better / more fun way (it’s a car, a boat, a train, a mermaid’s rock)? As in business, just because something has worked well in the past, should we continue to do it in the same way – will this work in the future? Can we mix things up?

Negotiating and influencing – Boy, my niece can negotiate! No is never a no. So do we need to negotiate in business? – Well yes – negotiation is a way to get what you want!

Absolute focus on a task

Absolute focus – In a world where multi tasking is “king” (particularly when we are glued to our mobile phones constantly) – there is something to be said for the absolute focus on a task by a 2 year old. Closing yourself off from distractions is often the only way to get that report written or analysis done.

Determination – Great business names like Steve JobsMark Zuckerberg and others all had an idea – they stuck to it, overcame failures and didn’t give up. Just like a 2 year old determined to do something their way!

So next time you’re approaching a situation at work, take a look at it through fresh eyes. What can you do differently?


Liz is a Life Coach and Mentor. She is Director & Founder of Spark Succeed Coaching & Consulting Ltd. Helping business owners, individuals and organisations spark their success through coaching.