Claine Gross

As a mom entrepreneur, running a business could be daunting and quite challenging at times. There’s always that issue about having a balance between work, life, and family – among other things!

I am passionate about all things Music, Art, and Fitness. I work with Health and Fitness Coaches, and I help them with marketing strategies, systems and automations, and content creation.

The first 2 years of being in my business were the toughest times. I would generate leads on a consistent basis but then they would end up stale after a few weeks. Most times, I would have enough clients to take on but then I still wasn’t making enough to live the life that I dream of.

I almost had a mental breakdown, just feeling really LOST on what my purpose is, what to do to balance my time with my family and work, and how to get my business off the ground.

Then one day as I was spending time with my 2 year old son, he looked at me and said “I love you mommy” while I was moping around when he was trying to play with me; I had an epiphany!

I was frustrated, sad, lost… all because I was not achieving the LIFE that I want! I felt like I was sacrificing my time with my beautiful family just to run my business that isn’t taking off at all!

…and all that guilt and disappointment came crashing down on me!

So at that point, I started thinking about how much I really VALUE my family, and how much I LOVE them… I rewired my brain to understand how much I should really value MYSELF from having that precious time with my family taken away just to help other businesses thrive. Because only then that I was able to realize I was doing it all wrong and something had to be done. This is when I had the intuitive hit that I need to make these 3 Mindset Shifts:

  1. Know your worth – I realized that I was taking on too many clients and not charging enough. I was burnt-out, unhappy, and frustrated. When I stepped into my brilliance and embraced my worth, I became confident that it manifested on how I showed up online; I started attracting my dream clients. This has helped me land my first few high ticket clients. I finally stopped playing SMALL.
  2. Know your WHY – When I got clarity on what my purpose is; I became clearer on my messaging, offer, and who my target audience is that I really want to serve.
  3. Invest in your knowledge – I decided that I will never stop learning. Anything that would help me elevate my business and take it to the next level, wether that’d be investing in learning new skills or digital tools – I’d do it in a heartbeat. Systems and Automations has been the biggest game changer for my business and my clients. I am so glad that this has now become our main core focus at Socialite Whiz.

By making these 3 mindset shifts and truly implementing them in my business; I was able to:

  • Finally have the resilience to face and overcome roadblocks that come my way
  • Know how to use time blocking to manage my days and have quality time solely spent with my family
  • Triple my sales and conversions
  • Live a wealthier, happier and healthier life that I deserve

We now live in a beautiful island in Indonesia – Bali. Surrounded by beaches, resorts, spa, and all that good stuff!

Taking these mindset shifts seriously has led me to re-evaluate my family priorities, my business core values, pricing models, niche, systematization—and how I run my business. It gave me the TIME FREEDOM to focus on doing greater things and the LIFESTYLE that I’ve never been happier to have!

If you think you need guidance on how to run your business, only YOU have the answer to that – no one knows your business more than YOU do. But if you have these mindsets and apply it in a way that is aligned to your vision, core values, and goals; this will radically change your perspective in so many areas around your family, and your business.