Someday I see green. 

But, I know envy, comparison, and assumption isn’t a path I want to stay on.

In the words of my mentor, Bo Eason,

Players PLAY. Spectators, Spectate.”

And 2018 is the year to play.

For me, it’s less comparing of body goals, couple goals, income goals, parenting goals, and happiness on social channels and more of creating peace in my day. 

What would it be for you?

There are 3 big moves you must make in order to get what you want.

1) You must set boundaries around your dreams.

Write out in detail exactly what you want in life. Some use vision boards or daily journals, I like to write out and revisit my “best day ever.”

What time do you want to wake up? How many hours a day will you work? But more importantly, who will be around you?

What will you see, smell, and hear everyday?

Once your path is set, you must say NO to anything or anyone that doesn’t fit in that path. Use that “best day ever” as an alignment guide.

It’s not that you’re selfish. It’s that you are putting all your eggs in one basket, and you’re protecting that basket.

Just like the mamma robin that sits on her nest she’s made in our backyard gazebo, until her babies hatch.

Say NO to the distractions and obstacles.

It could be getting lost in Facebook land (guilty) or Netflix.

Taking on another role or project at work.

Creating another course or PDF.

Sleeping in, instead of getting up and tackling your dreams.

Choosing fast food over positive clean fuel for your body.

Make the decision to say NO and be selective in your choices.

2) Instead of saying I can’t afford it, ask who can I serve to generate it?

Mastermind, travel, renovations, concerts, dining experiences.

If you look at our accounts, my husband and I “technically” can’t afford any of it.

Or at least that’s what our rational mom and dad, why spend money on ourselves brain says.

Buyers remorse can be real.

But that’s only if you have a scarcity mentality.

A mantra I say to myself often is

“I’m a bad ass money making machine because there is money all around me.”

Decide that you can do it. Tell yourself you have enough and then some.

If this positive experience is going to bring about growth, then make the leap.

And go work your booty off to make it happen. Then you’ve got something worth fighting for. 

3) Contribute to things that matter.

Maybe that’s dating your spouse again. 

Setting aside your phone and focusing 100% on your kids.

Raising money for a charity.

Writing your first book.

Tackling emotional eating or past pain so you can be free.

Legacy isn’t something for when you’re gone.

It’s the here and now.

You can be fit, fierce, fearless, and you can stand in your power. 

You can see less green and create more love. Your time is now. 

Go play!

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