The 3 SECRET Advantages Empaths Have For Being Better Leaders

What makes a great leader? Compassion, decisiveness, having a great vision?

Rather than focusing on specific personal talents or traits, the combination and timing of utilizing these skills are the magic keys to success as a leader.

For example, everyone doesn’t want a leader who always makes decisions without consulting and collaborating with the team. Likewise, a boss with an esoteric vision but can’t extrapolate the best from her employees will not get great results or the most effective output. And likewise, a thought leader that is constantly ‘in compassion’ may actually have their kindness abused.

The delight and downfall of being an empathic leader need to be balanced to bring out the best of those “on your mission train” while effectively embracing the other qualities of great leadership.

Surprisingly to many, most humans are born with empathic skills but don’t realize it.

Unlike the well-known skills of curiosity or listening, it’s most often referred to as a gift. And unless people had an upbringing that cultivates and appreciates it, they probably don’t think of their ability to tune in as a ‘gift.’


Being empathic isn’t just about compassion, whilst it’s a common disposition. And despite it being made out to be ‘woo woo,’ it’s not about having special powers either.

Thankfully it’s becoming more mainstream, and TED Talks has a specific category for the subject.

“We use energy waves in all sorts of frequencies for all manner of purposes, good and unhelpful. From radio, Bluetooth, and wifi waves, energy is around us all the time; empaths have a ‘finely tuned’ ability to sense them from non-electronic devices. (Noting that electrical equipment can be a source of disharmony for many empaths).”

Experiencing empathy – which is described as recognizing someone else’s feelings, is taken to the next level as an empath. “For us, it’s the embodiment and ability to literally tap into the energetic expression of something external to the self. Thus, knowing, sensing, or feeling sensations from outside our life force.”

Mell B said, “I’m not sure if Socrates was an Empath when he quoted, ‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom,’ but I certainly have found that when clients understand why they have particular responses in certain situations, their life becomes a lot easier.”

The egoic challenge is a constant, and it would be understandable for some to have placed the cause of their emotional or physical feelings as an output from ego.

She shared, “When I learned I was an Emotional Empath, a massive weight was lifted from my shoulders. Knowing that the constant bouts of anxiety I had experienced all my life were not created from feeling anxious myself was an extraordinary breakthrough!”

‘Knowing thyself’ also brings deeper compassion for all that everyone is capable of, and that, in turn, allows them to relate to others in more profound, more connected ways.


Mell B believes that “the point of empathy is to support inter-human connections and the creatures and nature around us, but we unlearn how to utilize them as we get older.”

  • Emotional empaths sense the emotions of others.
  • Medical empaths pick up on bodily ailments and pain. 
  • Intuitive empaths are perceptive of messages and energy beyond the physical and emotional senses.
  • Animal empaths pick up on thoughts, intentions, or feelings.
  • Environmentally sensitive empaths feel the damage or trauma of plants and nature.


Understanding these different types of aptitudes can help people recognize their sensitivities on a personal level. Knowing the difference from a personal unresolved energy perhaps being ‘triggered’ rather than receiving from an external source.

“It’s essential to allow ourselves to feel the full range of emotions.” Sadness is not a bad thing! In fact, being empathic is crucial to the rewards of human connection. 

On the other hand, it’s critical to learn the skills that keep everyone balanced and, more importantly, charged up to serve. Otherwise, they are of no use for their own goals or to others.


“If you are an empathic leader on any level, your business would greatly benefit from increased self-awareness. Secondly, recognize there can be other reasons why individuals in your team may be sensitive, which may be no reflection of your ability to lead.”

Permitting members to exit particular environments or discussions discreetly may be one way to empower self-management.

When working with clients or team members, it’s more helpful to be empathetic rather than compassionate. Mell B explains, “This means, you can see, but, compartmentalize their pain as theirs. So you don’t have to take it on (or in).”

On the flip-side, whoever has the sensitivity, stating they’re an empath and expecting everybody to ‘get’ them straight away isn’t fair. It’s the job of conscious empaths to work with their gifts in ways that support and serve the circumstances. 


Emotional intelligence and basic human skills aren’t taught in the schooling curriculum, resulting in many communities (and workplaces) not being great at emotional resonance.

  1. “Listening to intuition provides absolute confidence in yourself and your decision-making.
  2. “Recognizing team member’s sensitivities may shift your opinion of them being a ‘difficult employee.’”
  3. “Understanding your empathic tendencies to create strategies to work with them.”


If you are an EmpathPreneur making a living from your gifts, you may be looking to take your life and business to the next level; however you may currently feel:

  • you don’t have enough reach to leave your impact & legacy
  • financially stressed or restricted
  • you’ve lost focus of your hearts fulfillment or life balance

I believe that the blend of Influence, Income & Impact is needed to achieve our ambitions to leave the legacy our soul desires.

You can take the Empath Quiz to discover whether you are a low, moderate, or strong empath.”

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About the Author:

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