Recently I was talking to a fellow entrepreneur about getting things done. Sarah is wildly successful and creative and she said that for creative people like herself, she finds it hard to find productivity systems that support right brainers.
The more I thought about it, I thought, she’s kinda right. A lot of what you hear is:
Yes, these productivity tips work — but if there is no way you’ll ever get up early or plan ahead, what’s the sense in trying to create a productivity system that won’t work for you?

So let’s take a look at the secrets of super creative people to get you started and then well, be creative about it. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself there.) 

Secret #1:
They get curious. Creative people think out of the box. They take new and exciting approaches to finding solutions to everyday problems. Maybe a planner isn’t your jam or you’re just not bought into the concept of
in-box zero (neither am I). But what if you design a magnificent wall calendar that keeps you on track? Or what about designing your days in a bullet journal? Heck, you can do your daily to-do list in water colors!
Secret #2: They commit to it. Once they’ve made the effort of figuring out what works for them, they stick to it. They know consistency is the key here. They understand that it will take work and effort, probably more effort than the person that loves their day planner, but they know the payoff is great. It will allow them the time and space for their creativity.

Secret #3: They allow themselves to be themselves. For example, why does your desk need to be clean? Really, why? To make your mother happy? Have you ever met a person who’s desk is covered with stuff and yet ask them for that one thing and they know where it is? That’s because it works for them. It’s better to spend your time doing your important creative work than to struggle to clean up your space only to get frustrated and down on yourself when it doesn’t stay that way. Do you.

As a productivity coach I am passionate about helping my clients figure out what works for them. Productivity is not a one size fits all. It’s like creating one pair of jeans in a size 6 and expecting everyone to fit in them. That wouldn’t work–I haven’t worn a six 6 since 1998.

With that said, there are a few things I do insist on:
#1 Having one place to capture all of your ideas and to-dos. 

#2. Getting clear on your big picture goals so you’re always steering in that direction.

#3. Making friends with your calendar so that the important things get a time and date.
So what are you thinking?
Are your wheels starting to turn? Are you getting excited about the possibilities? Can you turn your productivity system into art? Are you starting to think about things differently?