There are 3 simple steps to growing a thriving business. Those same 3 steps can get you to 6 figures, even 7 figures, quickly and easily.

Creating success can be a very long and very difficult road without following this 3-step formula, full of obstacles, roadblocks, delays and failures.

As a woman in business, we must overcome all of these obstacles plus some, including difficulties that most men never face, such as acceptance or rejection based on our physical appearance, having to prove ourselves before being taken seriously, sexism and harassment, and fighting for equal pay.

These 3 game-changing tools are even more vital to utilize when facing so many challenges in our journey to the level of success we envision and are working hard for.

So what are these simple steps?

They are called the 3 M’s — mentors, modeling and masterminds.

Roland Frasier, partner at Digital Marketer, explained on a recent Marketing Speak episode, which is my dad’s podcast, that his secret to success has been what he calls the 3 M’s. These are: modeling, mentors and masterminds. He found a mentor to take him under his wing. He found masterminds to be a part of, full of high-performing peers. And he found successful and inspirational entrepreneurs to model their behaviors.

This 3-part process has been followed by successful entrepreneurs around the globe, and there are 3 reasons why it is the ultimate formula to lasting success, which I’ll explain in a minute.

As women in business with the challenges we constantly face, who best to model after and learn from, following their footsteps as we build our companies and our legacy?

Power women. Successful women who have already figured it out, and are lighting the way.

Let’s go through the process…

1. Model After Someone

We need people to look up to, to model after. Not just to inspire us but to light the way to where we dream of being and who we aspire to be.

The people we model after act as a beacon. To model oneself on a successful and inspiring person is to follow or imitate them. They are a shining example of what we want to do or be, like a vision board, yet very much alive, and lighting the way for us if we want to create a similar reality for ourselves.

There’s one huge mistake however.

The biggest mistake people make after experiencing a shift or burst of inspiration from their model is to not take immediate action. You will lose the motivation and the momentum that was brewing within you if you don’t take immediate, purposeful action to apply what you learned from their teachings to your life. Listen, learn, implement. Don’t let it fizzle out.

Be sure to choose models who are very much aligned with your morals, and with your goals. I model after Louise Hay, an amazing, inspirational and very successful woman who deeply moved me ever since I saw her documentary “You Can Heal Your Life”. Her story is both heart-rending and heartwarming, and her message sparks spirit and moxie, and the desire to make a change in the world.

Louise Hay has changed millions of lives, and has created wealth and success through doing so. Her teachings are mostly focused on loving yourself and creating abundance in your life, largely through affirmations, which are easy to implement with powerful results. Many of her beautiful affirmations are on her website, which you can print and put on your mirror, fridge, or anywhere in your house. My mirror is covered in them.

2. Get a Mentor

Having a mentor can be the game changer in whether you achieve success and wealth quickly or spend your whole life working towards it, if you ever do get there. A mentor is a successful person who’s already navigated the waters of rags-to-riches and come out the other end triumphant and flourishing. They are willing to take you under their wing and teach you their method, holding your hand through every step of the process.

You will learn from their mistakes, their advice, and most importantly, follow their roadmap to success.

Choosing a mentor can be difficult and daunting however. Who should you mentor with? How do you know if you need a mentor?

The answer is that everyone should have a mentor, and it’s never too early or too late to start. And you need to choose a mentor that is a good fit for you, your goals, and your niche.

Marie Forleo is an inspiring entrepreneurship coach and mentor, international bestselling author, philanthropist and TV show personality, who is making a global difference. She can be seen in Tony Robbins’ DVD programs, and on Oprah. She mentors women (and men) around the world, teaching and empowering entrepreneurs to be their best selves and achieve success. Marie is a perfect example of an accomplished and inspirational life coach with a powerful message.

3. Join a Mastermind

The secret to success is not about going at it alone and enduring a roller coaster of ups and downs. The secret is following the process to achieving success through a tried-and-true system, provided by someone who’s already done it. A system created through years of trial and error, failures and achievements, shortcuts and lightbulb moments, all perfected and condensed into an actionable program or process.

It’s like following an already trodden path through the woods instead of trying to map out and carve your own, taking maybe 10 times as long and requiring 100 times more work. And avoiding a fair few thorns in your side along the way.

However, the most powerful aspect of a mastermind is not what you may think.

Being a part of a mastermind makes you a part of a community — of high-achieving, smart and persevering peers, who are on the path to success themselves, or are already there. This aspect alone can completely change the game.

You are you hang out with. You directly reflect your peer group, and by surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, you are creating the best version of yourself.

There is a plethora of coaches, leaders, influencers, and gurus out there, with an overabundance of courses and programs. So much in fact that it’s often too overwhelming to think about choosing one, so we don’t. And we’re missing out on an almost guaranteed fast track to success.

Loral Langemeier is one of the world’s top wealth coaches, teaching people how to make money, keep money and invest money. Her masterminds map out your path to not only building wealth but keeping it, and how to constantly increase your money by investing. She teaches what you won’t learn in school — vital knowledge about creating success and being financially independent. And her mastermind members create a powerful community of support and connections that could potentially be your next JV, business partner, client, or even a mentor.

We as women especially need to self-educate ourselves on finances, because we are not taught about money the way men are when we’re growing up. So take control of your life, and get informed. Save yourself years of potential financial turmoil, or never having the knowledge and leaving finances and money-making purely to men.

Knowledge is power, and it is also success.

Learn from the women who inspire you, apply their teachings to your life, and model their success attributes. Mentor with a power woman, and learn the ropes to achieving your dreams. And be a part of at least one mastermind, learning the system from a successful woman who is sharing her process with the world.

If you’re struggling with your business, feeling lost, or like you’re not on your destined path, the 3 M’s formula can completely change the trajectory of your life. You have the power to do anything, absolutely anything you set your mind to — and with modeling, mentoring and masterminds, your path will illuminate right before your eyes.