Why is effective communication important?

Effective communication is essential in both the workplace and everyday life. It enables us to clearly express our thoughts, ideas, and intentions. Furthermore, it improves workplace productivity as well as atmosphere. It’s no secret that effective communication helps people become superior performers, collaborators, and leaders.  

Being an effective communicator means being able to both actively listen and optimally express ourselves. It requires a diverse skillset that includes both verbal and nonverbal communication signals. But what skills should we focus on?

The four integral skills of an effective communicator

1)   Active listening

Communication begins with active listening; meaning engage with what others say by providing affirmative responses and asking followup questions to signal we are following along. In order to effectively address concerns, resolve problems and adopt solutions, we must first gain an understanding of the circumstances and varying positions.

2)   Strategic empathy

Being able to understand what others are feeling is an important part of being an effective communicator. We’re communicating with other people after all. The ability to empathize builds rapport and trust between you and others. This trust serves as the sweetener that persuades others to view you, and your ideas, more favorably. 

3)   Nonverbal communication

In addition to verbal messages, effective communication relies on nonverbal cues, such as body language and intonation to improve your messaging and presentation skills. Mastering nonverbal signals will reinforce and support your messages, help prevent miscommunication, and position yourself effectively in any situation.

4)   Collaboration

The most effective communicators possess the ability to engage in team-building and collaborative activities. Asking others for their advice on various projects can help you learn about them and bolster your collaboration skills. The stronger your relationships and rapport with others, the more effectively you will communicate with them. Take the time to ask questions.

Practicing and applying these four essential skills of an effective communicator will unlock your potential and present more opportunities. Take your first step today!

I wish you success in your speaking endeavors!

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  • Ryan J. Warriner

    Executive Trainer & Coach

    Ryan J. Warriner Executive Development

    Ryan J. Warriner is a Professor, Executive Trainer & Coach, and author of revolution professional skills book: The Effective Presenter: The Winning Formula for Business Communication. With over a decade of professional communication experience and expertise, he has mastered the science of optimum communication, strategic direction planning, and powerfully effective presentations. Additionally, Ryan is a modern thought leader who believes upskilling and cross-skilling is the key to unlock potential and achieve maximum success. Ryan partners with professionals, teams, and organizations to strengthen their performance and development. His advanced training, coaching, and consulting strategies amplify professional growth and enrich perspectives leading to tangible results!