discover your inner superhero

Have you ever wondered what makes superheroes so compelling? What collective and individual desires, fears and consciousness does this genre speak to? 

Perhaps, it’s due to the fact that many of us don’t feel particularly heroic or empowered. The real world can be complicated and overwhelming, and despite our best efforts, it can be difficult to feel like we’re making a difference. Superpowers, on the other hand, give us the ability to accomplish anything and create a tsunami of positive impact. 

As an executive and life coach, my mission is to help people tap into their superpowers, which in this case is potential and performance. Discovering your inner superhero is not an easy feat, as I learned firsthand. On my journey, I learned many valuable lessons along the way, lessons that have shaped me into who I am today.

Learning to embrace my superhero self

I used to joke that my superpowers were being irreverent and incorrigible. I’m not wired to sit on the sidelines, blindly accept injustice or follow the status quo. 

My own superhero origin story involved navigating oceans of personal tragedy, climbing mountains of professional ambition and discontentment until finally soaring above it all. My breakthrough happened after letting go of the limiting labels I assigned myself.  It was then that I discovered my true superpowers: vibrancy, authenticity, and advocacy. When I decided to embrace them, I felt unstoppable. 

However, even the most powerful superheroes have villains to fight against. I help my clients fight the evil-doings of gremlins, limiting beliefs and lackluster leadership.

  • Gremlins – This refers to the negative self-talk that creeps into our thoughts. Gremlins prevent us from believing in ourselves and living up to our full potential.
  • Limiting beliefs – These are the beliefs that imprison us. It’s the external narrative we create, which allows us to see only limited possibilities.
  • Lackluster leadership – This type of leadership describes the managers and leaders who are unequipped to unlock their team’s potential. These leaders don’t encourage innovation, embrace diversity or promote growth and development.

And let’s not forget my hero costume. Don’t be surprised to see me fighting the good fight in a fabulous pair of heels and a feminist T-shirt!

How to channel your own superpowers and create a positive impact

So, how do you unleash your own superhero to make a difference in the world? The first step is to follow my HERO framework:

H – Highlight what you stand for 

Identify the causes or organizations you are passionate about. Determine the biggest challenges they face and focus on how your talents and experience can be used to help.

E – Embrace your uniqueness 

Oftentimes the very thing that has made us feel like an outsider is the source of our most unique and powerful gifts. Connect to the power that comes from your authentic self!

– Reconnect to your origin story 

We all have backstories. These stories can either be framed as the reason why we are stressed and stuck or as the powerful catalyst that propelled us into greatness.

O – Own your Actions 

Initiate the change you want to see and be ready to act when others are passive.  One of the most important attributes of superheroes is that they take action. They don’t just sit, theorize and complain. They roll up their sleeves (or the edges of their capes) and do what needs to be done!

Using this HERO framework, what does your superhero-self look like? Once you tap into your inner superhero, you become unstoppable. As a leader, you know there can also be outside stressors that come with being unstoppable. Click here to get my free guide to help you feel less stressed and more fulfilled.