You probably don’t like hearing that you need to get out of your own way in order to actually be happy, but it’s true.

Honestly, it’s quite probable that you have become your own worst enemy when it comes to finding your happiness and zen.

Here are some sneaky little things you are telling yourself that are zapping the joy out of your life every day.

It’s someone else’s fault. Always.

Ok, now we know this is absurd, but worse than that, it’s a habit. You’ve likely created this line of reasoning every time things just don’t go your way. It’s time to face the music. 

You are responsible for yourself, your actions and your choices. No one else. If you’re not happy with where you are, you are the one that gets to map out your plan to get to your happy place. 

Do you know why? 

Because you know exactly where it is. Start at the end and work backwards. Make a list of steps and work like hell to get there. 

You don’t have access to things that could make you happy

You may not have the exact type of access to things as others do, but in today’s world we have access to literally anyone and anything with the click of a key. 

Be scrappy and take a chance. Do what you can to stand out. It’s really not who you know anymore. It’s how do you stand out? There are a lot of people out there fighting for their shot, so get in there and make an impression.

Your past has created a flawed person

Your past doesn’t define who you are today, nor does it have the power to limit your success or happiness. Unless, that is, you decide to keep it front and center all the time. 

If you have past failure or issues to resolve then do so. Get help, seek guidance, whatever it takes. Then move past it. It’s a tired excuse and it’s time to move on.

It’s too late to change

This is complete crap. It’s never too late to make changes, learn something, or become something you want to be. Seasons change, things die off in the fall and then come back in the spring…every year, not just once. On any given morning you can decide that today is your new beginning, and go for it.

You can’t do this by yourself

Is this what you really believe? As a grown adult, do you honestly believe that you don’t know where to start? Again, with today’s technology, I call bullshit. You can learn to do anything with a few clicks. You can find training, courses, tutorials, anything at all to get started. 

Truth is, you’re scared. It’s not help you’re seeking but someone to walk with you or hold your hand. Your fear is creeping in and telling you lies. You can do this-and you can absolutely do it on your own. At least you can get started.

Happiness is a worthy goal, but it’s important to realize that no one is happy all the time, nor should that be expected. Shit happens, life takes twists and turns, but outside of those times, you shouldn’t be the reason your happiness is sabotaged.

It’s life giving to start owning the responsibility of choosing happiness as your lifestyle and stop making excuses.