It’s essential to the growth of your business to how you are in your mind, starting with thinking more positively so that you do not limit your beliefs. 

So many people feed themselves this BS that they can’t talk to people, that they can’t sell, that no one says yes! Yes I know it’s easier said than done, but in all honesty, if this is something you’re telling yourself day after day, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,” you’ll start believing it more and more, so guess what? You won’t! You’ll probably be unhappy with yourself, and you’ll begin to blame others as to why you can’t achieve anything. STOP! Get off the pity potty, and stop that self-talk. 

This is something we need to work on first, and that’s why we are starting with mindset. If others can do it, and are doing it and getting excellent results, then so can you! Let’s get to work, starting with your mindset! 

Positive thinking is a habit, and it will take some time to create those habits. At first, you need to set time aside to do this, but within no time at all, you will start thinking positively naturally. Average studies show that it takes twenty-one days to break a habit and twenty-one days to get into a new habit so everything we talk about in this chapter, don’t just do it once, do it daily, consistently and start getting into good habits.

Be annoyingly positive and optimistic than destructively negative and hateful. Start by surrounding yourself with positive goals, positive people and positive vibes, as your environment influences your experience. Remember your vibe attracts your tribe!

DAY 1 Positive Thinking, Positive Outcome.

Only 5% of who we are is conscious, the other 95% is our unconscious, and our mindset creates our success or failure in life. We all get good days, and we all get those bad days, that’s life. Yes, life is a roller coaster for everyone. But it’s how you choose to deal with it, and how quickly you decide to snap out of those bad days.

So let’s say you’re sat with your friends, or maybe you’re out with your family for a meal, or perhaps every morning when you go into work, and you are just chatting about general stuff, have you noticed how negative everyone is? It’s draining, isn’t it?

People moaning about everything from work to the weather, and maybe you have some fab ideas, but your friends and family keep on telling you that you can’t do this and that you can’t do that! Isn’t it hard to stay motivated, when everyone around you is so negative!

If you’re one of the many few who has a positive outlook on life and is always happy, then staying positive when everyone around you is just sucking the life out of you, is bloody hard. We get it!

Jim Rohn once said, “You are what the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It’s true!

Now you can’t give up being friends with your friends or stop talking to your family! But choose times when you do spend more time with positive people, and by working on your mindset, your positivity may well rub off on others.

So if you have slipped into being a moaning negative drainer, then that’s fine! You can blame the people around you, but you can change it very quickly.

So how do you become or stay a more positive, motivated person? Well, it all starts with you. What do you feed your mind? Do you start the day watching the news or reading the paper?

What is the news about? Yes, your right! It’s full of draining negative content, which straight away puts you into a negative ‘this world is a bad place’ mindset. To top it all off, they put the news on again late at night. Ok, It’s actually on 24/7. Which means you wake up and go to bed with all the bad thoughts of what’s happening around the world.

Not the best way to start and finish your day if you want to keep motivated and positive! So the first step is to find a way to start and end your day in a positive way.

There are tons of fantastic short motivational videos (a warning once you start watching these you will be addicted!) Here’s one for you to begin with ‘Invest In Yourself’ these are a fantastic way to get you pumped up and ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

But the problem is you will still get a barrage of negativity from your friends, family and work colleagues. So why not step up and change what you say and spread a little positivity and motivation?

In life, you need to speak out and lead from the front.

Follow successful people, be happy for them and more happiness will come your way. When they choose something you want, you need to be happy so that you can acquire this for yourself. Try never to be envious or create bad feelings. Let them inspire you, for you to develop further. It will attract positivity towards you, and just because someone has thought of something amazing, it is still available for you to go out there and do it even better!

DAY 2 Your Morning Ritual

It all starts with your morning and when you get into the habit of applying the morning ritual and positive mindset to start your day you will be raring to go! All highly successful people have a morning ritual, and you will soon get into good habits without even thinking about it.

Start by keeping a gratitude rock by your bed, and a gratitude book. Write a list of everything you are grateful for, your family, your friends, your life, the roof over your head, the food that you eat, great things that happened that week, no matter how small it was.

Look in the mirror every morning, and tell yourself how amazing you are, and that you’re going to have the best day ever! Then start connecting with your innersole, meditate for at least 10 minutes, study shows that people who meditated daily continued to display increased mindfulness, purpose in life, social support, and decreased illness symptoms.

Listen to mindset audios or blueprints these are always a great way to start your day.

Get out of the habit of making a coffee and watching the TV. Instead, read self-development books for about 20 mins or read 15 pages at a time, or you can listen to audio on self-development. 

Good habits and a good morning routine are essential for a lifetime of success. A morning routine sets the tone for the whole day, and if you do right each day, you’ll be happier and more focused to set you up for the entire day ahead. Try and stick to the same routine every day, so you get into good habits. 

Then comes the exercise, a 30 min cardio activity is a great way to start your day, it gets your blood pumping, releasing feel-good endorphins, and increases oxygen flow to the brain. Some people choose to do yoga, which again is another great way to start your day! 

Now shower, do your hair, get dressed and show up. It’s so easy and comfortable to sit around with PJ’s on all day when you work from home. But dressing up and getting ready gives me so much more confidence and you never know who is going to face time! Trust me!

Now you’re ready; it’s time to $LAY Your Day!

DAY 3 Give Your Brain a Workout

Do You Work Out?

Well, do you?
Oh, you do hey, that’s good, that’s really good, but I’m talking about working out the most important muscle in your body………that’s right your BRAIN!

Let’s take an American person and all the hype that they bring, all of the hollering and high fives and the positivity, as a British person we would look down our noses with a stiff upper lip and think it’s all hype and nonsense, right?

Well maybe they are on to something, I certainly think so!
They seem to have this natural all-conquering confidence that quite frankly I think is fantastic!

Just imagine if the Wright brothers didn’t continue after crashing so many times. Just imagine if Edison stopped when he failed the first, second or third time, the list goes on and on. So why is it that only a tiny percentage of the population have this unshakable belief that they will be successful?

It all comes down to your mindset, your belief in yourself and what you are doing, the good news for you is that there is so much information out there to help you retrain your brain.

When you first submerge yourself into this wonderful world of mindset, your beliefs and mind will tell you this is all mumbo jumbo but stick with it!

If you want success, if you crave a better life, if you want time and an abundance of money, then you need to start with your mind. Retrain your mind, retrain your belief and act on your instincts and as Richard Branson would say “Screw it, let’s do it!”

Get out there guys it’s a happy fun world if you just open yourself up and go, have fun and change your thinking. Remember though, a positive mindset and no action will get you nowhere!

Life isn’t a rehearsal; we get one shot at this so please don’t waste your time being in a state of unhappiness and being dragged down by others. Go and live your life the way you want to live it, let your hair down and be one of few who looks on the brighter happier side of life, I mean why wouldn’t you?

Work on your mindset daily, read mindset books, listen to positive audios, practice manifesting. There are tons of ways you can give your brain a workout to become more positive.

DAY 4 Practice Positive Affirmations Daily

Affirmations are simple to practice daily. They are you being in conscious control of your thoughts. They are short, powerful statements that you say to yourself throughout the day, when you say them or think them or even hear them, they become the thoughts that create your reality. Affirmations, then are your conscious thoughts. Be aware of your thoughts and what you say to yourself on a daily basis. 

Whenever I feel nervous or if I’m going to speak in public, I always hold my forefinger and thumb together and say. “I am Incredible, I am confident, I am the best.” We all need someone who we can look up to for inspiration, so imagine that person in your mind, now believe that you are that person but you’re even better!

When you start making conscious positive thoughts, you become more aware of the negative thoughts that are always threatening to take over.

Here are some positive affirmations you can use to $lay your day: 

o I am the best in my company. 
o I am a success in everything that I choose to do.
o I feel happy and confident. 
o I am a champion.
o I am a money magnet.
o I am laser focused every day.
o I am attracting abundance by keeping a gratitude mindset.

Repeat these to yourself over dozens of times every day. 
Remember you become what you think. If you always say to yourself “I feel Ill” “I feel tired” “I can’t do it” your subconscious will recognise the negative words, and you will receive more of the same.

DAY 5 Switch Your Attitude For Gratitude

Gratitude – It’s effortless and in today’s lifestyle it’s so easy to forget about the things we have, as we mostly concentrate on the things we want! Thanks to the advertisement agencies on the radio, T.V. The countless magazines and newspapers, not to mention the growing online revolution especially the rise of social media.

A good question to ask yourself is “When was the last time I popped a cork to celebrate anything?” and I’m not talking about weddings etc. Or “When was the last time I thanked someone for something that they have done for me on a daily basis?”

Have you ever actually sat down and written out a list of all the things that you currently have and that you are grateful for or have achieved?

Have you ever kept a gratitude journal or even heard about a journal? To be honest, I hadn’t heard of a journal until recently so don’t feel left out! But after reading a lot of books on mindset, motivational material and the success of others, from businessmen and women to actors, sporting heroes and musicians, something that runs true throughout and that is, they all write a daily gratitude journal.

Coincidence? Well after researching all about gratitude it was apparent that a massive piece of the jigsaw puzzle on becoming successful is pointing towards gratitude. So start with a gratitude journal, begin by writing down on a daily basis 5-10 things that you are grateful for. It could be the air that you breathe, or the place where you live, or the family and friends you have around you. It could be something great that happened that day, write down whatever means the most to you.

Do some research yourself and just try it.

This will give you a happier, healthier state of mind and you will see an improvement in your energy and your positivity. You should then go on to improve your working life that will present opportunities to you, all based on your new positive and happy frame of mind.

To receive, you must first give, and that starts with a thank you. You need to appreciate everything you have in your life and be thankful for even the smallest of things. 

Only when you are genuinely thankful for what you already have you will receive more of what you want. We touched on the morning ritual, so again do this every morning as well as each night, and take your gratitude rock wherever you go. Touch it or give it a rub every time you are truly grateful for something, It could be you got the parking space exactly where you wanted one. It could be that you were genuinely appreciative to spend time with good friends, be grateful and never take things for granted and make sure you read ‘The Secret.’

If you want to turn your life around, be thankful more often, It really will change your life.   Be grateful and happy every day, give back and remember a healthy mind and a healthy body will lead to a healthy life. Be thankful for your past, for both the positive and the negative events,  because your past is what has made you into the person you are today.

By Tracey Munro