The foundation of Life is “Health and Vitality”.

These 2 are of the utmost importance to develop and enjoy any other aspect of our human experience:

  • Love
  • Romance and Sexuality
  • Education
  • Self improvement
  • Spirituality
  • Parenting
  • Work and Career
  • Finances
  • Social life
  • Emotional life
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Contribution and Service
  • Arts and Self expression
  • Hobbies and Passions.
  • Life projects and Dreams…

How do we build a strong and vibrant Foundation of “Health and Vitality”?

By learning to nurture these 5 “Life Pillars or Essentials”:

  • Nutrition: What you eat determines what you are. We are not only talking about the food we eat but how we nourish each one of our senses. It is the quality of what we watch and see, what we hear and listen to, what we smell and sense, what we touch and feel, what we think…
  • Life rhythm: Every thing in nature has a cycle, and rhythm. We do as well. Our inner clock is based on Circadian rhythm and Ultradian rhythm (BRAC).
  • Movement: Movement is Life. Your body movements and postures will tremendously affect how you interact with the world.
  • Breathing: At the beginning there is the first inhale, at the end the last exhale. Between there is Life.
  • Mindfulness: Having the ability to bring your attention and being present at what you do when you do it enhance any experience you are living. It is what being alive is all about.

Watch out!

“Eat junk food for too long, watch too much violence, listen too much negativity, smell too much pollution, don’t get any human touch and contact, don’ t move and sit all day, breath shallow and constantly be lost in a mental defilement ruled by our monkey mind…”

If any of these 5 Life Pillars are disrupted for too long, it affects our “Health and Vitality” and we eventually get stressed, depressed and sick.

The solution!

The “Art of how to juggle with these 5 Essentials” at the same time.

The secret!

Juggling «together» these 5 Essentials is the foundation of the “Art of living”.

If you juggle 5 balls and you focus at any ball in particular you might drop the other ones.

The secret is to look and focus at the center: «the Why you are doing it».

David Tan, Osteopath DO-Physiotherapist Bsc, LifeForce Founder

After 20 years in health care, perfecting the Art of Healing and exploring stress management, life optimization and self-improvement tools, David has founded Life Forces. A company specialized in burn out prevention, chronic stress release and optimal body and mind living. Our mission is to bring people back in touch with their optimal mind and body health. We have developed innovative and unique training programs for participants to integrate life changing tools to self manage their stress and regenerate themselves, find back their inner power and bring home these tools to enjoy a continuous regenerative routine. We teach and share how to sustain a strong and healthy life foundation so that people can pursue their life dreams and life projects.

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