Conflict happens when healthy forward movement is impeded by oppositional people spouting false principles.

Although ‘obstacle’ people and principles are the external signs of conflict, at the root of conflict are clashing spiritual forces.

To understand this is the beginning of resolving conflict. Actually, to understand this is to allow yourself to be filled with an overarching sense of peace that allows, in turn, the universe to come to the rescue.

This is because, at the root of clashing spiritual forces is the idea that something untrue can over-power something true. It can’t.

And here we have it. Power. Power struggles are at the root of all conflicts. If you know this, realize that the microcosmic struggles we face are couched in a macrocosmic universe.

Bubbles that are blown so big that they become too thin will, eventually, burst.

Here are the 5 Golden Rules to Resolving Conflict:

  1. Remain calm. If you believe that you are being unjustly treated, hold the conflictual person or principle up in prayer.
  2. Keep track of the facts as you understand them.
  3. Share your understanding of the conflict with people you trust.
  4. Be patient. The passage of time can do wonders in breaking through the ‘knot’ of conflict.
  5. Trust that the universe will create an opening or break in the conflict and that those elements that are not based in truth will collapse on their own accord.

Featured image credit: Research Design Review