Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or just someone with a vision, the key to making most of that vision is knowing how to present it to the world. As we all know, some of the most successful entrepreneurs began with ideas – but later on managed to present them in front of the public – making everything else a history.

So, is there a way to mastering this type of presentations?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer are the five main secrets of confident talks and presentations – listed below.

Secret #1 – Stance

The first secret is your stance. If you stand firm and tall, you will appear more confident and will be able to gain more attention. Just keep your feet planted on the ground about hip distance apart with the weight equally distributed on the hips. Lift your chest up and expand the area from your hips to your shoulders.

Secret #2 – Sound

Second of all is the way you sound. Confident entrepreneurs and successful public speakers always fill the room with sound. Their foundation of excellent posture comes supportive to their sound – coming from the diaphragm and not the throat. Speak louder than you think you should and you will gain attention

Secret #3 – Smile

By showing off your pearly whites, you appear more approachable – and suddenly your voice becomes more pleasant to listen to. Smiling also conveys confidence (yes, even if you are terrified of public speaking).

Secret #4 – Silence

Long…pause…breaks. This is what people appreciate a lot. In our culture, silence is loathed by everyone. It is something that causes speakers to turn sentences into run-ons and fill the time with junk words. By using long pauses, you will look polished, prepared and unprofessional – especially if those pauses replace junk words such as “um”, “ah”, “you know”, “kind of”, “like” and others.

Secret #5 – Sight

Last but not the least is sight. Lasting eye contact always makes you more confident in front of the public. Just hold your gaze on an audience member for five to seven seconds – much longer than you think you should. Then, move on and hold your gaze to someone else. This way, you will engage the audience.

Try one, two or all of these simple tricks during your next presentation.  I would love to hear any feedback about your experience!