Many entrepreneurs are continually struggling to succeed in business because of the mental transformation required. That could quickly change for those who understand and apply five mental shifts that will rewire their thinking to first transform them and then instantly change their results. Just as a key has to be perfectly shaped to open the door, so too must business leaders integrate these mental shifts to achieve success. Business leaders who are not getting the results they are looking for should consider which of these mental shifts they might be missing.

1. Quality Over Quantity. Learning to keep things simple and always honor quality over quantity will pay off a great deal. Be selective on who you hire and on what projects you undertake. For example: It’s better to create one product that solves a major life or business problem than thousands of products that temporarily fix minor issues for your customers.

This requires thinking before taking action and an absolute clarity on where you are going to make the right decisions on what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Look for ways in your business where you didn’t put first quality and start doing so. You will soon see the results.

2. Know Your Worth. And Give Value. It’s important to first understand and feel one’s own worth. This will ensure that you are always putting your wants first so you can best serve others. If your wants are not covered, it will be harder to bring value to others, and they may simply not see it. Balancing the giving and receiving so there is always a win-win situation will be fundamental in your financial success and fulfillment in business.

As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango,” and the same happens in business. There has to be some type of exchange of value, whether it is monetary or not for, things to work out. At the end of the day, if the balance is off, it will eventually break.

3. Think Big. Act Even Bigger. It’s important to always think from a place of certainty. This certainty will allow you to think big. Once you’ve got the big vision, you can test it by telling that vision to as many people as you can. If they have a scared look in their eyes, chances are you are thinking in the right direction. Once your thoughts are in the right place, it’s time to take even bigger action toward that vision with persistence and patience. Be assertive in your actions and don’t self-doubt any step. Feel and act accordingly. If your instant feeling is elevating you or pulling you into a certain direction, simply trust and do. Don’t look or hold anything back. The answer is what you are moving toward.

4. Have Absolute Faith. We often get the signs but forget to pay attention to these. When someone has a heart attack, chances are they felt symptoms beforehand, like chest pains. Nothing happens by mistake, and coincidences don’t exist. Trust that the messages are there for you to pay attention to them and act accordingly. To build this absolute inner faith you will have to completely turn off your ego mind that acts from a place of scarcity and fear, and you will have to turn up the volume of your higher self that sees clearly and has no limits. No matter what the outer reality is, you have to maintain an absolute, unbreakable faith. You will eventually have a few bad days and that’s OK, let them be. Get back on your feet as quick as you can, and keep going. You are likely much closer to the finish line that you think!

5.  Find Peace. Finding peace is the ultimate ingredient in your recipe for success as a business owner. Feeling at peace means that you have a sense of clarity, trust, inner strength and completeness that moves slow but steadily towards its goal. It means you are in full control of your ego mind and are connected to your higher self and the divine messages that come from The Universe or whatever you may want to call it. Once you find peace, it is almost impossible to detach yourself from it. It is in you as you are in it. And even those moments of “human” weakness cannot break that connection. It instantly reconnects and gets stronger day after day.

Most business leaders fail in their ventures because they fail to develop the mental shifts that will bring their projects to reality. Nothing will change externally if the leader doesn’t transform internally.

It’s all about inner transformation

Integrating these five mental shifts will completely change your business results, quantitatively and qualitatively. Not only will mastering these shifts lead to greater personal success, but they will also impact those around you. And isn’t this our ultimate purpose in life?


  • Nathalie Virem

    Founder and CEO of Nathalie Virem Foundation

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