Every morning your alarm rings and you choose from 2 options. One to press the snooze button and other to press the stop button. You snooze and sleep back. Sometimes, you press the stop button and also sleep back. There are few times when you get up right after your alarm when you have a gun on your head. By that I mean an urgent deadline, a flight to catch or any emergency situation where you can’t risk yourself to sleep again.

Ever thought what if you get up just half an hour early, you add 15 hours extra per month. Imagine what if you add an hour or even more than that every morning, you can have so many extra hours, extra months and extra years to your life.

On an average, you require 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Your work stress, family stress or your addiction to phone delays your sleep and you keep shifting your sleeping time till late in the night. The late you sleep, the late you get up. In the morning, you run to cope up to reach your office on time, not even having a second to catch your breath.

Look at this view. You wake up on time. You get fresh, go for a walk or exercise, have your breakfast and reach office on time without any hustle bustle. Sounds good? All you have to do is to wake up on time and for that it is important for you to sleep on time.

Some people face issues in getting sleep at night. There are lot of reasons to it which includes stress, eating food late at night and one main reason, getting yourself glued to the phone. Studies have shown that continuously using phone late at night can cause insomnia.

Make sure you stop using your phone half an hour before your time of sleep. This will improve your quality of your sleep. However, if possible you can increase the time for more than half an hour. Also, when you sleep, try to keep your phone in silent mode if possible. It will help you avoid causing disturbance in your sleep.

When you don’t silent your phone, unintentionally you cause disruption in you sleep. One more important factor is the location of your phone. Do not keep your phone under your pillow or on the table near you. The suggested distance to keep your phone is at least 4 feet away from you.

How do you press the alarm button then? If you keep the phone away from you, it will be easy for you to get up because you will get time to get up from your bed and not press the snooze button in your half sleep. There are some people who even get up from the bed, press the snooze button, walk again to the bed and go to sleep. For them, there is 5 minute rule after you wake up.

Here how it works. First of all keep your phone as far as possible from you. Make sure the alarm is audible to you from that place. When your alarm rings, get up from your bed, slowly walk towards your phone. Do not press the snooze button, press the stop button and stay there for some time. The time you spend standing will alert your mind and will help you get awake from the sleep.

It is these 5 minutes which helps your mind decide that you go back to sleep or get your day started. You practice this for 21 days and you will have a habit automatically formed in your body. Whenever your thoughts started to drift, just remember that life is too short to waste. Sleep on time and get up on time. The most important thing #LoveYourself.