10 years. It’s been roughly 10 years that I set out on this journey to achieve freedom in my life. In reality it’s probably been a lifetime.

If you’re reading this now then I’m sure you get this. That craving for freedom, for the exact life you want and yet it seems to far out of reach. It seems like a pipe dream.

I’m here to tell you that you can achieve your dreams.

I’m going to share with you the 5 principles that can get you ANYTHING you want in life. They are life changing. If you employ these even partially you will start changing your life in ways you can’t imagine.

The 5 Principles That Will Get You Everything

So lets get down to it! 

These are the exact principles that I have put down in a specific, repeatable formula that have unlocked abundance in my life and does the same for others who use it.

The first principle is….

1) Awareness

You have to first become of aware of how you view yourself, the world and everyone around you. Start digging into how you identify yourself. Key components of true awareness is realizing that you are a divine being with limitless abundance at your fingertips. You first have to tap into it.

This is the first step to creating massive change. Once you become aware of why you do the things you currently do, its time to shift that awareness to the person that creates their own reality. This is called shifting your identity. This works by getting super clear and focused on what you want, FEELING it and coming from already HAVING it.

2) Letting Go & Removing Blocks

This is next natural transition of becoming truly aware and focused. You have to begin to let go of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, old identities, people, places and things that no longer serve you or aren’t in alignment with your identity and vision for yourself. You skip this step and making these profound changes will be much harder if not impossible.

Start letting go and watch your success skyrocket.

3) Integration & Support

Once you’ve performed these first two steps you can now integrate new positive changes, beliefs, emotions, people and places. You will also identify where you may need extra support. That may come in the form of eating better, fasting, a coach, trying new thing, enhancing skill sets or anything in that realm. Again, this is a key part that can’t be left out if you want to achieve freedom.

4) Notice & Express Gratitude

This ties in with awareness but at the same is it’s own unique step. You must notice changes that are occurring and all the wonderful things to be grateful for. Expressing true, heartfelt gratitude is the key for receiving more. It starts with noticing first. 

Everything works out for our good and expressing gratitude for the good and the bad is essential for your growth.

5) Effortless & Inspired Action

All of these steps lead up to you taking more effortless and inspired action. You see, action that is effortless, efficient and inspired all springs from your awareness and identity of yourself. Once you have the other 4 steps in place you will find that you take action with minimal effort and it produces much better results.

This will get you into a flow state. This is all part of becoming aligned with your truest self and vision. 

Final Thoughts

If you use these 5 principles and ALINE system you will be able to get whatever it is you desire. Everything will begin to flow and you can finally achieve that freedom that you’ve been searching for.