Love isn’t enough to hold a relationship. There are other factors that build the foundation for a strong relationship. Staying with your partner all the time can feel the most magical, but truth be told, only to a point. When the spark slowly starts to diminish in your relationship, fights, misunderstandings and the need to have ‘alone time’ come into the equation. This isn’t entirely uncommon because many couples break off due to the lack of individuality in their relationship. But interestingly enough, the secret to long-lasting relationships is time apart. Yes, you read that right. Let’s now know why this may be the solution.

Spending too much time with your partner over calls or texts may look adorable and cute at first. But, as time passes, you would want to have some me-time that does not involve your partner in any way whatsoever. Being needy in a relationship is one thing but wanting to stay 24/7 can be extremely irritating. And this eventually leads to breakups.

Even if you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you forego your individuality for your partner. It’s completely alright if you both like separate things. You both don’t need to force yourselves into liking each other’s things. Respecting it is enough. Couples who fail to maintain their identities eventually break off.

While it’s wise to spend some time apart, don’t stay on your own all the time. Take some time out of your day that you will only spend with your partner. Nothing should distract you both. This keeps you bonded while maintaining your own time.

When you spend all your time with your partner, it leaves you no time for yourself. The above points clearly tells you about how clinging to your partner can reduce the chances of a long-lasting relationship. But if you both practice spending some time apart, it can place you both in good positions where your individuality and the relationship bond is also being maintained. And that is the real secret to long-lasting relationships.