1. The Inspired

People who are inspired to be, to do, to help others. The People who are inspired are the ones who light up the room, the ones who bring out the best in YOU.

2. The Passionate

This is a tricky one. Not all passionate people are good to be around. Just what are they passionate about?! If it’s NOT self-destructive passion, then keep these people around you, otherwise their charisma might bring you down.

3. The Motivated

They’re up and moving. They love to get stuff done. They are always on the move and working towards a goal. These people are great to hold yourself accountable to. They are the best cheerleaders. But be careful not to lean on them too much, you must also be a cheerleader for them too.

4. The Grateful

It’s so nice to surround yourself with people who are appreciative. The people who say, “thank you”. The people who find the good in others, the good in situations. The people who are less likely to gossip about others. These people are generally in great moods, and it’s important not to bog them down with your drama – meet them at their level and watch your life change.

5. The Open-Minded

These people have great perspectives. They’re less likely to judge you. They’re more likely to put themselves in others’ shoes. They’re neither pessimistic or optimistic – they see things from all angles, which helps when you need some advice. These people are welcoming to everyone, and it brings out a welcoming attitude in you too.