Freezing cold showers. Daily meditation. Journaling. Intense workouts. It seems like everyone attributes their productivity to something. Do a quick search online and you’ll find an endless amount of articles on what “all successful people do.” But the reality is that it’s hard to stick with something long enough to figure out what’s right for you. What works for one person might mean nothing to someone else.
I have tried to make so many rituals stick. Some of them were good for awhile. Others I just couldn’t connect with. No matter how long of a chance I gave them, they felt forced. While there are certain daily habits I have kept around, the kinds of changes that have had the most profound effect on my productivity have been more like holistic “tweaks.” It wasn’t until I made these small adjustments that I finally felt like I had aligned my goals in life with the quality of life I’ve been working for.

6 Ways To Improve Productivity And Live Your Best Life

1. Start doing.
When I started my first business, I was so keen on learning everything as fast as I could, that I never learned any one thing really well. I suffered from shiny object syndrome. My inbox was inundated with offers of selling the exact formula for “success.” I was joining webinars left and right. I always felt the need to sign up for this course and that course. I didn’t know what to focus on but I was willing to do whatever it took to grow my business. And it wasn’t until later that I realized all this “doing” was a waste because I lacked focus. With all the content that’s out there and available to us today, we tend to suffer from too much information and lack of implementation. This happens because before we can master and execute one thing, we’re already onto learning about something else.
How to fix this: Focus on one thing at a time. Learn it until you know it so well, you can teach an 8-year-old how to do it. Then DO IT. Stop overanalyzing and implement your learnings. Measure your results. Once you have that in place, move onto the next thing on your list. With a little bit of prioritization, you’ll find that there is time to learn it all.

2. Realign any inconsistencies.
One piece of advice that really changed things for me is to stop living incongruently. If you have big, Level 10 goals but are half-assing your daily efforts with Level 6 habits, you are living incongruently. Remember, your input really does determine your output. Your mindset, action, and habits must align with the kinds of accomplishments and results you want. And believe me- this isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s tough for us to admit that we’re not working hard enough or that we’re not doing enough when so much is at stake and you’re building something that you want your livelihood to depend on.
How to fix this: Be honest with yourself. If you feel like you haven’t been making the kind of progress you envisioned lately, see if you can identify why by finding any inconsistencies in your mindset, action, or habits.

3. Find your circle of influence.
Have you ever heard of the law of averages? It’s the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes. When it comes to relationships, those we spend the most time with actually have the greatest influence on us (whether we like it or not). From the way we think to our self-esteem to the choices we make. We’re actually more affected by our surroundings than we think. If you hang around a bunch of Debbie Downers all the time, that’s surely enough to affect your outlook and you’d probably be somewhat of a bummer yourself. If you surround yourself with very judgmental people, you’ll probably feel quick to judge others who live differently than you more times than not. This is because your circle of influence will somehow always rub off on you.
How to fix this: If you want to make $500k, then ask yourself why is everyone around you making $80k? Find the people who are living the kind of life you envision for yourself. Once you find them, get them in your life. Surround yourself with those kinds of people. Because after some time associating with them, their mindset, habits, perspective, work ethic – it will all greatly influence you and change the way you approach your own goals and outcome.

4. Adjust your lifestyle.
Start emulating the kind of life you want to be living. If you can feel it, you can do it. Redecorate your apartment or workspace. Invest in tech or gear that will benefit your business in the long run. Oftentimes, people have to feel good to be motivated. If you can feel yourself living the life you want, that emotion you attach to it will drive you to work hard enough to finally reach it one day.
How to fix this: Have you been holding out on upgrading certain parts of your business or brand? Whether it’s physical parts like your workspace or technology or less tangible pieces like branding or photography. If it’s a true priority and you have the budget to do so (but haven’t bit the bullet yet), it’s time to know your worth. Treat yourself and your business like you’ve already made it and you’ll take yourself one step closer to the life you were meant to live.

5. Find your WHY.
But don’t stop there. Clearly define it. If you really truly know your reasons for WHY you want to be your own boss, want a certain lifestyle, want to travel the world, etc., you’ll always want to keep working for it. You never lose sight of it and you won’t stop until you get there. Reasons come first, results come second.
How to fix this: Ask yourself, what are my top 5 reasons for changing the next 6 months of my life? Write these down and keep them somewhere visible so you see them every day. I have mine as my desktop wallpaper on my laptop. Download these desktop wallpapers, edit them with your reasons for changing the next 6 months of your life, and like daily affirmations read them aloud every day. An easy way to always keep your goals in sight.

6. Recognize that the limit does not exist.
Limiting beliefs are the worst. And we all have them. Even those people who have seemingly perfect lives and seem to have everything together. It doesn’t matter how you were raised or what kind of life you lived before, we’ve all had experiences that have shaped the way we view ourselves – what we think deserve, what we think we’re capable of doing. These limitations, however, aren’t real. We’ve subconsciously put them in place and have conditioned ourselves to abide by them whenever they creep up in various situations in life. Whether you realize it or not, we all have conscious and unconscious beliefs about ourselves that either drive us forward or hold us back from our potential to have and live the best life possible. Rid yourself of limiting beliefs. Take away your limitations.
How to fix this: Acknowledge the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and make a choice to reverse them. Everyone has a choice. This can take some time so trust the process and be kind to yourself.

The Takeaways
It’s hard to sustain results consistently unless you have the right systems or rituals in place as well as the right mindset. Keeping your goals in sight so you see them daily is one of the most effective ways to keep momentum moving forward. You can use these customizable desktop wallpapers for your various devices, add whatever reminders, affirmations, mindset, quotes – whatever it is that keeps you hustling every day – so you have them front and center at all times. People like talking about finding success all the time, but few take action and do the work required. So make it your goal to be actionable so you can keep momentum up past a week or two.

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